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Jul 22, 2004
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Caller on Iranian TV: Iraqi Oil Facilities Destroyed by MEMRI

#277 | 50
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following is an excerpt from a show on Iranian TV:

Abu Taghleb, a caller from Britain:

"We know that many Iraqi oil facilities were destroyed in the war of 1991. I know, for example, that there was electronic control over the oil wells of Kirkuk and their production. All this has been destroyed and now it is said that the American computer cannot calculate the quantity of oil pumped. This is of course very convenient, so the Americans can do whatever they like. The important thing now is that there are no computers and electronic control – centers (monitoring) the number of barrels produced every day. This destruction is caused by the MEMRI institute headed by Yigal Carmon, which has a center on Abu Nawwas Street.

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