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Sep 26, 2017
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TV Debate in Egypt: Homosexuality a U.S. Plot against Our Society; Homosexuals Should Be Killed

#6231 | 03:26
Source: LTC TV (Egypt)

Islamic researcher Sheikh Rashid Sultan said that he supported the killing of homosexuals by the method prescribed in the shari'a – throwing them from high places – because "homosexuality goes against human nature and is an affront to humanity." Egyptian lawyer Essam Haggag said: "Let's build a prison, anywhere in the desert, and throw those dogs in it." They were participating in a September 26 LTC TV debate on homosexuality in Egypt, in which life coach Ashgaan Nabil said that homosexuality had been "politicized" and become an American "conspiracy against Egyptian society."

Ashgaan Nabil: "We cannot deny the existence of homosexuality in Egypt, but it is not a widespread phenomenon. It was all planned a long time ago, but it was done in secret. It began to reveal itself a few years back, and the first manifestation of it was the issue of the swingers. It was a big issue, of course, and they all stood trial..."

Host: "Does this also count as sexual deviation?"

Ashgaan Nabil: "Of course. Let me make something clear. Some people say that homosexuality is genetic or a medical condition, but this is not true. It is not even a psychological condition. It is a matter of habit and conduct."

Host: "There is a difference between homosexuals, intersexuals, and transsexuals.


"We want to talk about homosexual relations, which were apparent in that promiscuous celebration."

Ashgaan Nabil: "Past research referred to homosexuality as a peculiar sexual orientation. But it has been politicized as part of the effort to usher us into fifth-generation wars. By the way, this started at the end of the age of fourth-generation wars."

Host: "So you view that party as a form of conspiracy against Egyptian society?"

Ashgaan Nabil: "Of course, and I shall explain, since I predicted this two months ago, and this has been published and documented. It all started after the [2011] revolution, or rather, in 2005, when Condoleezza Rica had a slip of the tongue, and said: 'We strive to create a new Middle East.' There has been an American plot against us since 1983, and Bernard Lewis' [connection] is known to all educated people. One goal of these wars is to target Arab identity. They target people's religious, racial, sectarian, and sexual identity."


Host: "What does the shari'a say about effeminate men?"

Sheikh Rashid Sultan: "It says that they should be killed in a specific way."

Host: "Some say that they should be thrown off a high place..."

Sheikh Rashid Sultan: "It's true, because that was how the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were tormented. Allah made the Earth swallow them up. That's what the Quran says, and I believe it. The Prophet Muhammad said: 'If you find someone who practices what the people of Lot practiced – take him and kill him and his partner.' This is not merely a religious text..."

Host: "It is an authentic hadith."

Sheikh Rashid Sultan: "It is not merely an authentic hadith, but it was implemented, word for word, throughout the ages. And when the jurisprudents deliberated the way that this person should be killed..."

Host: "In what age was this?"

Sheikh Rashid Sultan: "In the age of Ali ibn Abi Taleb. He used to throw them off a high place and it is said that he even burned some of them. Why? Because homosexuality goes against human nature and is an affront to humanity."


Essam Haggag: "We should act according to what the shari'a specifies for these people. But if we do not want to implement the shari'a, let's build a prison, anywhere in the desert, and throw those dogs in it."


Host: "How can we prevent our children from going down this path?"

Sheikh Rashid Sultan: "By terminating these bad seeds, in terms of society, security, and the media.


"The point here is that this has nothing to do with freedom. Islam does not view this as freedom, but as moral depravity and sin. According to the holy text, this is forbidden in the world and in the Hereafter. Society will never accept this. No Muslim man or woman will ever accept this. Only effeminate men might accept it. No man who loves cleanliness and purity will accept it. Only a man who loves filth might accept this. As for the claim that these are human beings and are free to do whatever they want – these are not normal human beings."

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