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May 20, 2021
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California Islamic Scholar Tarik Ata: Muslims Never Attacked Or Oppressed The Jews; We Need Leaders Like The Courageous Turkish Brothers And Sisters Who Volunteered To Liberate Palestine

#8998 | 02:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Shura TV on YouTube"

American Islamic scholar Sheikh Tarik Ata of the Orange County Islamic Foundation said that throughout history and in modern times, Muslims have never oppressed or attacked Jews. He made these remarks in a lesson titled: "American Muslims and Jerusalem" that was posted on the YouTube account of Shura TV on May 20, 2021. Ata, who was born and raised in Chicago and studied Islamic jurisprudence in Jordan, added that today Jews live in Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran, yet no one ever hears of Jews being oppressed or attacked in these places. He said that the "Nazi-like," "child-killing" Zionist entity is slaughtering the Muslims and Christians of Jerusalem, just like the Crusaders did. Ata continued to say that in order to free Palestine, it is not enough to applaud "some good people," but Muslims need "courageous individuals" like "our brothers and sisters in Turkey," who said: "We want to go there." Ata said that although the Turkish army is not stronger than the Israeli army, they are prepared to face them. For more information, see MEMRI TV clip no 6225.

Sheikh Tarik Ata: "When the Crusaders entered [Jerusalem], what happened? They slaughtered the Muslims. But it wasn't just the Muslims that they slaughtered. They slaughtered the Jews living there as well, and they slaughtered the Christians native to that land – the Arab Christians and what is called the non-European denominations of Christianity. Slaughtered them. Now, with this Nazi-like apartheid, racist, aggressive, tyrannical, vicious, child-killing Zionist entity, we see the same exact thing.


"So we Muslims have a mission there, and that missions, once successful – not 'if' [but] once successful – will bring peace and tranquility to all those living there [in Jerusalem], Jews included. Because again, history shows...history speaks...Muslims never oppressed Jews. Muslims never attacked Jews. Muslims were never uncomfortable with Jews. It's not just history that speaks, current times speak. You know there are Jews in Morocco, Jews in Yemen, Jews in Iraq, Jews in Iran – do you ever hear about Muslims oppressing them, about Muslims attacking them? Not at all.


"We are seeing that Muslims are more and more prepared to become leaders, once again, to become autonomous, once again, to free the land [of Palestine] from the tyranny and oppressors. But how are we going to do that, my dear brothers and sisters? It is not just by looking and applauding some good people. We need courageous individuals, like our brothers and sisters in Turkey, like them, who say: 'We will go there.' As far as I know, the Turkish army isn't stronger than the Israeli army. They are not going into a battle where they will clearly overpower the opposition."

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