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May 14, 2021
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California Imam Salim Ammar Mohamed: Radicals In Israel Are Motivated By 'Outrageous Orders For Killing' In The Old And New Testaments; Allah Be Praised, In Islam We Do Not Have Any Of This

#8869 | 01:59
Source: The Internet - "Masjid Al-Tawheed in Elk Grove, California on YouTube"

Imam Salim Ammar Mohamed said that the motivation for the "criminal activity" of Israelis lies in their "distorted" religious texts. He said that Jews use their holy texts to justify harassment, injustice, and the racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. He made his remarks in a Friday sermon at Masjid Al-Tawheed in Elk Grove, California, which was posted on the mosque's official YouTube channel on May 14, 2021. Sheikh Mohamed added that it is not only the Old Testament that includes such statements, but the New Testament also includes "outrageous orders for killing," and that Islam has no such orders.

Salim Ammar Mohamed: "What is motivating the Israelis to commit these acts of racism, ethnic cleansing, and harassment? It has to be these distorted religious books. They are using religious texts to justify their criminal activities.


"Some people may tell you: 'Oh this is in the Old Testament, and the New Testament is filled with peace.' No. Even in the New Testament, there are outrageous orders for killing. In Luke, verse 27, this is what supposedly Jesus told his followers. He told them: 'Bring to me those who refuse for me to rule and slay them, slaughter them, in front of me.' 'Slaughter them.' This is in Luke 27, verse 19.

"Allah be praised, [in Islam] we don't have any of this. I am saying this, not to say that all Christian or all Jews are violent. No. There are really good and just people in all religious groups, among the Jews, among the Christians. I am telling you what are the texts those radicals in Israel are using. They are using these religious texts to justify their injustice against the Palestinians."    

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