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Nov 17, 2023
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California Imam Marc Manley: The Israelis Are Fabricating Videos Like A Hollywood Studio, Lengthening The Rope That Will Eventually Hang Them, Like The Dogs That They Are; May Allah Bless Me And Let Me Hear Their Last Gasps

#10656 | 01:46
Source: Online Platforms - "Middle Ground Muslim Center on YouTube"

In a November 17, 2023 Friday sermon delivered at the Middle Ground Muslim Center in Upland, California, Imam Marc Manley said that Israel will be hanged from a rope, "like the dogs that they are." He said that he hopes Allah will bless him to see them take their last gasps. Manley said that everyday people are becoming Muslims, because "of the evil that the Zionists are doing" to the people of Palestine and Gaza, and others are "seeing the light," and this is making Israel so desperate it is "fabricating videos like a Hollywood studio." He said that the Zionists know that what they are doing is evil, this is why they need to remind everybody of the Holocaust.

Manley: "Do you think for one minute that these Zionists don't know that what they are doing is evil? Of course they do. It's part of their whole national anthem to remind everybody on the face of the earth and how their parents and grandparents were slaughtered in death camps in Poland and in Germany. Of course they know it's evil.


"Every day people are taking their Shahada [profession of faith], because of the evil that the Zionists are doing to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Gaza. People are becoming Muslim because of it. Even the people who aren't becoming Muslim are seeing the light. This is why Israel is desperate. There are literally fabrication videos, like a Hollywood studio.


"They are constantly fabricating videos and getting caught, fabricating and getting caught. This is only lengthening the rope that will eventually hang them like the dogs that they are.

"I only hope that Allah will bless me to see the day that I get to listen to the last gasping breath of them hanging from the rope that Allah gave them to hang themselves.


"Oh Allah, annihilate the Zionist dogs in Israel. Annihilate them completely."

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