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Jun 11, 2022
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California Imam Marc Manley: Depraved Homosexuals Are Coming For Your Kids; They Want You To Be Like Them; You Cannot Love People Of Immorality And Sin

#9632 | 01:58
Source: The Internet - "Middle Ground Muslim Center on YouTube"

California imam Marc Manley said in a video that was uploaded on June 11, 2022 to the YouTube account of the Middle Ground Muslim Center in Upland, CA that the LGBTQ "lobby" is "coming for your kids". He said that Disney cartoons direct homosexual content at children and that the homosexuals want Muslims to be "on board" with the homosexual agenda. He added that one cannot love people of immorality," who are "depraved".

Marc Manley: "When we see from the LGBTQ lobby... What do they want to do? They want to remove any notion of it being sinful.


"When it comes to the issue of homosexuality... They are coming for your kids via Disney. They are coming for your kids via cartoons. They are coming for your kids via plastering these flags and all of this stuff everywhere... They are coming for our children, because they want us to be just like them.


"I just saw the other day... Where some Muslim group was talking about... "Well, our religion doesn't allow it but we have to love everybody." Are you out of your freaking mind, man?

"No. You cannot love people of immorality. No. You cannot love people of sin. You cannot love people who are transgressors. You cannot love people who are depraved.

"So it's interesting that we see the same challenge facing [Muhammad's] Companions, at the time of the Prophet. It is the same thing we have today.

"In their case back then it was the hypocrites, for us today it is the homosexual, LGBTQ and all those letters, this whole thing. It's not sufficient that they just want to do what they want to do, they want you to come on board with it, they want your kids to come on board with it, they want you to advocate for it, and they want you to love it."

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