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Dec 01, 2023
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CAIR LA Director Hussam Aylush In Oklahoma City: The Palestinians Have The Right To Defend Themselves, But Israel Does Not – People Would Laugh At You If You Said Nazi Germany Had The Right To Defend Itself Against The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

#10698 | 02:15
Source: Online Platforms - "CAIR Oklahoma on YouTube"

Hussam Aylush, executive director of CAIR LA, said in a December 1, 2023 Friday sermon at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City that for the Palestinians, every day for the past 75 years had been October 7. In a lecture in the mosque later on that evening, he said that claiming Israel has the right to defend itself is just as laughable as claiming that Nazi Germany had the right to defend itself from French resistance, Polish resistance, and Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto. Aylush recommended that his audience get their news from Qatar's Al-Jazeera Network, in both English and Arabic, describing it as "the most credible" media outlet covering events in Gaza. Videos of the Friday sermon and the lecture were posted on the YouTube account of CAIR Oklahoma.

Hussam Aylush: "For 75 years, every single day for the Palestinian people had been October 7.


"People are getting their news from social media. From who? From on the ground photojournalists.


"Most people trust that news way more than they will trust it from CNN or Fox News, because it is coming live, unchecked, you know there is no one... And it is not one source, 10-20 telling us the same story, with evidence.

"You can't fake the image of dead children. You can't fake the image of dying parents. You can't fake the image of burying... you know, people crying... You can fake one or two if you want to be the Israeli government, etc., as they do once in a while, right?


"Where do you get your news from outside of photojournalists? Where do you recommend to get news about what is happening there? Al-Jazeera. You might not agree with everything with Al-Jazeera, but certainly Al-Jazeera is the most credible, most comprehensive of the outlets providing material on what is happening there. English or Arabic, if you read Arabic.


"Israel does not have the right to defend itself, as an occupier to defend itself from the occupied. No, it doesn't, this is not a rhetorical thing... It doesn't, legally, under international law. No occupier has the right defend itself from the occupied.

"Imagine we tell Nazi Germany: 'You have the right to defend yourself against French resistance, or Polish resistance, or Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto'. People would laugh at you if you said that.

"Imagine if you said that Russia has the right to defend itself against Ukrainian resistance – you don't. As long as you are an occupier, you do not have the right to resist, or to defend yourself. Guess who has the right to defend themselves? The Palestinians."


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