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Feb 27, 2024
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CAIR Executive-Director Nihad Awad In Michigan Mosque On Eve Of Democratic Presidential Primary: Inshallah, Our Votes Will Make Biden Lose The Elections; He Lacks The Mental, Moral, And Physical Capacity Needed For A Second Term

#10953 | 02:19
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid Muath bin Jabel on YouTube"

Council of American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) executive-director Nihad Awad said in an address given at Masjid Muath in Detroit on February 27, 2024, on the eve of the Democratic presidential primary elections in Michigan that he demands that the Democratic Party tells Biden not to run for a second term. He said that Biden lacks the mental, moral, and physical capacity required for this. Awad said: "Allah willing, our votes will make you lose the presidency." He continued to say that the Democratic Party must call for a ceasefire and that it must prevent an Israeli invasion of Rafah. Awad estimated that most American Muslims will not vote for Biden in the November elections.  The address was streamed live on the YouTube channel of Masjid Muath bin Jabel (Iman Islamic Complex).

Nihad Awad: "Who is calling the shots in Washington? The Democratic Party. President Biden.


"Our message [to President Biden] is as follows: 'Allah willing, our votes will make you lose the presidency.' It is [also] a message to [the Democratic] Party: 'You went too far, you listened to him, and did not draw the line, so you will lose the presidency.'

"You have two options. The first is to demand an immediate ceasefire. You can do this. So far you haven't, because you underestimated us. Second, if they receive this message, they must stop and prevent an Israeli invasion of Rafah.


"I hope, and even demand, that the Democratic Party tell this president to step aside, because he is not qualified to lead this country. He is not qualified to represent us for several reasons: his moral failure, his involvement in the genocidal war, and his mental, physical, and moral incapacity to continue for a second term.

"We need new blood, we need a moral force, which will commit to human rights in America and worldwide. If they do not listen to us, we will meet them in November in the final and decisive elections. We will not say now what we intend to do, but most Muslims will not vote for Biden."

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