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Apr 26, 2024
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CAIR Executive-Director Dr. Nihad Awad: There Are 9 Million American Muslims Who Can Tip The Balance In Michigan, Minnesota, Washington State, Wisconsin; Now, Unlike Before, They Can Stand Up To The Lies Of The U.S. Government, Which Were Put Forth To Invade And Destroy Afghanistan And Iraq, Kill Millions; India's Modi Government Planning New Genocide Of Muslims

#11194 | 02:06
Source: Online Platforms - "Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center on YouTUbe"

Nihad Awad, the executive-director of CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in an April 26, 2024 sermon at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia that there are nine million Muslims in the United States, but that they were unable to "stand up to the lies" of the U.S. government and prevent the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, nor were they able to stop the "genocide" that is currently taking place in Gaza, and he warned that in India, "the Modi government and the Hindutva party are planning and getting the Muslim community to face the destiny of other communities who have been exterminated."

Dr. Awad said that the Muslim-American community must be politically active, because even though they are a minority, they are having a political impact, as has been seen in key states like Michigan, Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and elsewhere. He also prayed to Allah to grant victory to the people of Gaza.

Nihad Awad: "According to my organization and the most reputable organizations in the country, the Muslim community is at least nine million people in the United States.


"We have not, and could not, stand up to the lies of our government [which were] put forth to invade and destroy Afghanistan and Iraq and kill millions of people.


"We could not prevent the massacre, the genocide in Gaza from happening.


"If you think you are powerless more massacres will happen. More genocides will happen. Do you know what's in the pipeline in addition to Gaza? India. The Modi government and the Hindutva party are planning and getting the Muslim community to face the destiny of other communities who have been exterminated.


"And we are a minority, like in Mecca. And also, we are like in Medina, because we are also well established. We have resources we have voices and people are taking note of the Muslim community.

"And if you don't know that, just watch what happened in Michigan, in Georgia, in Minnesota, in Washington state, in Wisconsin. The uncommitted. The millions of people who are voting and sending a clear message to this administration that they are going to hold them accountable in November.


"You have to be politically involved, because the ummah is waiting for you.


"In the swing states, you may not be the margin of victory, but you can tip the balance.


"We ask you Allah to empower us to give us the victory with the people of Gaza."

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