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May 15, 2020
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Jordanian Journalist Malik Al-Athamneh: We Should Consider Jordanian Annexation Of The West Bank Since The Two-State Solution Is Over And The PA Is A Failure

#8022 | 02:08
Source: Alghad TV (U.K.)

Brussels-based Jordanian journalist Malik Al-Athamneh said in a May 15, 2020 interview on Alghad TV (U.K.) that Jordanian annexation of the West Bank should be considered as an option, in contrast to possible Israeli annexation of the West Bank. He justified his statement by saying that the West Bank had been under Jordanian sovereignty for many years in the past, that a two-state solution is unlikely to occur, that Jordanian control of the West Bank can guarantee the geographical rights of the Palestinian people without affecting Palestinian demographics, and that the Palestinian Authority has proven to be incompetent in governing the West Bank. He asked: "Do you want a state with a flag and a red carpet, or do you want the people to have demographic rights in their geographical [territory]?"

Malik Al-Athamneh: "What about the years of Jordanian sovereignty in the West Bank? Call it whatever you want - forced annexation, unity of both sides of the [Jordan] River, whatever you want to call it...This is de facto a part of history.


"Wasn't the West Bank under Jordanian sovereignty before the occupation and even years after of occupation? Didn't it remain effectively connected to the east bank of the [Jordan] River, as was manifested by the use of the Jordanian Dinar [there] and by the transit that took place on the bridge connecting [both banks of the river]?"

Interviewer: "Are you suggesting this, or are you just saying that it is possible?"

Al-Athamneh: "I am not the one suggesting this. This is a discussion that is taking place in Europe amongst Jordanians and Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority has expired. Let's not delude ourselves anymore. The PA has expired and is nothing but a corrupt regime...


"I am not talking about an annexation to Jordan in the same way that the Israeli political right is talking about it, nor am I talking about deporting the Palestinians there. It is very important to correctly understand what I am saying. I am saying that if we want to confront the annexation... Do you want a red carpet and a Palestinian Authority that exists to please Abu Mazen, or do you want the Palestinians to have rights on their land? If you want both the geography and the demographics, let's work on this issue.


"It seems that the two-state solution is not going to happen, and Israel is counting on that. When will the Palestinian powers ever agree [to a two-state solution]? That's impossible. The Palestinian Authority has proven its total incompetence in ruling over a small part of the West Bank. This is why we must reshuffle our cards. Do you want a state with a flag and a red carpet, or do you want the people to have demographic rights in their geographical [territory]?"

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