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Jun 24, 2019
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U.K.-Based Socialist Fight Organization Activist Gerry Downing: We Think Israel Must Be Destroyed Because It Is a Racist, Genocidal Endeavor

#7340 | 01:28
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

British socialist activist Gerry Downing, who belongs to the Socialist Fight Organization, said in a June 24, 2019 episode of Kalima Horra, a show on the pro-Hizbullah Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) hosted by former British MP George Galloway, that his organization supports the destruction of the State of Israel because it is a racist and genocidal "endeavor" that cannot be reformed. He said that Israel's laws classify Palestinians as "untermensch" and that Israel's marriage laws are like apartheid South Africa's miscegenation laws. Downing said that a single State of Palestine with equal rights for all ethnic minorities is the solution.

Gerry Downing: "My name's Gerry Downing. I'm from the Socialist Fight Organization. We do, we are for a single state. Let me say quite openly we are for the destruction of the state of Israel. We do think that the state of Israel is unreformable. The latest law that's been passed, the Nationality Act, defined Israel as a state for Jews only, so the Palestinians in Israel are untermensch, they're second class citizens. There's something like 60 laws that discriminate against them, including a law that forbids them to marry the wrong kind of people. In the apartheid regime in South Africa that was called miscegenation, that was called you can't marry the wrong person or that's against the law. So I think that it's a racist endeavor, it's a genocidal endeavor, it cannot be reformed. One, a single state of Palestine, from the river to the sea, with equal rights for all ethnic minorities. I think that's the only way to go."

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