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Mar 26, 2021
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British Islamic Scholar Abdurraheem Green: The Magic Of Harry Potter Is Real And Dangerous; Harry And Hermione Use Disbelief In Their Actions To Cooperate With Jinns

#8785 | 02:39
Source: The Internet - "Deen Show on YouTube"

British Islamic Scholar Abdurraheem Green said that the magic described in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books is real and dangerous and even leads to sacrificing children. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on the Deen Show podcast and was posted on YouTube on March 26, 2021. Green said that in the books, Harry Potter and Hermione are described as positive characters fighting evil Voldemort, but they are really on the same spectrum as he is. He explained that the potions they create in the book are made of filthy things such as blood and frogs, and their incantations contain unbelief and facilitate cooperation with devils and jinns.

Green wet on to say that the books normalize magic and make it seem cool and fun, while it is really very dangerous. He then described an exorcism of a man who was possessed by 20 "female prostitute jinns" after using the toilet in a pub. Green is the chair of the controversial iERA dawa organization, which has been accused of antisemitism and supporting the stoning of gay people and adulterers.

Abdurraheem Green: "[There is] no doubt that J.K. Rowling had studied magic thoroughly.


"Even in Harry Potter... Although, she will paint Harry Potter and Germione [sic], or whatever, I can't remember their names, as good guys against the evil Voldemort – He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned. But in reality, they are all part of the same spectrum. Because when Harry and Hermione are doing spells, those spells and the potions they make are full of filth, they are of najis. They contain every single filthy thing, blood, frogs, things that are forbidden, various plants that are basically poisonous, and these incantations, many of them obviously contain words of disbelief. From that perspective, this is when the devils will cooperate with you.


"This is not just fantasy, all right? This is real stuff. When you hear about kids being kidnapped... When you hear, in Nigeria and places in Africa... It is not just in Africa, it is right here, in the UK. Don't think it's just restricted to black people and voodoo. No. This is stuff that takes place. They will sacrifice children. They will desecrate the Bible. Obviously, in Islamic countries, they will desecrate the Quran. This is what they do in order to get the devils and jinns to work with them and to cooperate with them.


"Things like Harry Potter are normalizing it. Ordinary people start to think that magic is cool, magic is fun. It is not fun and cool! It is so dangerous.



"I did an exorcism with a lot of other people, there was a big group of us — this was soon after I had become Muslim — on a brother, who unfortunately, we had found out that had gone into a pub to the toilet.


"And I think he got possessed with... They found out that he got possessed by 20 female prostitute jinns.


"Honestly, I really am not scared of the jinn at all. It doesn't frighten me, and it doesn't really scare me that much. I always tell people that they are more scared of you than you are of them."

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