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Oct 14, 2020
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British-Saudi Journalist Othman Al-Omeir: Peace With Israel Is The Only Logical Step; We Cannot Put Our Lives On Hold Over The Palestinian Cause

#8405 | 02:02
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

British-Saudi journalist Othman Al-Omeir said in an October 14, 2020 interview with Elaph Online Newspaper, of which he is the founder and Editor-in-Chief, that peace with Israel is the only logical step. He criticized the emotions, ideologies, conspiracy theories, and "irrational myths" about liberation from colonialists that have dominated recent Arab history, and he said that the Arabs have forgotten about education, health care, and national and societal development. Giving the examples of Kashmir, the Basques, and Ireland, Al-Omeir argued that the Palestinian issue is not that only issue in the world, and he said: "Life does not stop because of one issue."

Othman Al-Omeir: "As a matter of fact, peace is the only (logical) step that we can take. We have no other options but to acknowledge what's going on, and to try saving what's left to be saved of the so-called 'Palestinian cause.' I don't want to cast the blame on anyone in particular, but I do  blame the Arab history that was loaded with emotions, ideologies, and with irrational myths about the liberation of the Arab nation, the fight against colonialism, and conspiracy theories. All of these were created in the previous generation, in our own generations, and in the generation that came after us. In this whirlpool we are in, we forgot about development, education, health, and about creating a viable nation.


"Let's talk about education, health, and creating the individual and society, and then we will move on to deal with our political issues. The Palestinian cause is not the only issue in the world. Seventy-three (national) causes remained unresolved following WWII. Spain has a problem with the Basques, Germany has a problem with its lands that were plundered by the Allied Forces, Ireland is looking for (a way to become a united) republic, and there are dozens more cases… Kashmir, also… We cannot put our lives on hold over one single cause that will never be resolved."

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