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Dec 14, 2010
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British Salafi "Abu Mounisa": We Should Attack David Cameron, Attack the Law and Order, and Make the Entire System Bow Down to Allah

#2744 | 06:45
Source: The Internet

The following are excerpts from a lecture delivered by British Salafi Abu Mounisa, in the Islamic Awakening Conference, held on December 15, 2010 and posted on the Internet.

Abu Mounisa: When we talk about da'wa [call for Islam], don't ever think, my brothers and sisters, that our da'wa is only to address a few people on the streets, and call them to Islam. Our da'wa should be the da'wa that attacks their system, and we replace it with Islam. That's what we need to do, my dear brothers, we need to call the whole of society to Islam. We're not just calling one sister or one brother to follow the religion of Allah. We want the whole society to bow down to Allah. We don't want only one sister to wear the khimar [veil] and jilbab [cloak]. We want the whole society to wear the khimar and jilbab. We don't want only our brothers and sisters to make sujud [bow down] to Allah. We want the whole society to make sujud to Allah. This is the da'wa of the Prophet Muhammad. This is our da'wa, my dear brothers and sisters.


If you carry your da'wa stall, and you stand there, just inviting people to Islam, like [cleric] Zakir Naik [does], do you think that is going to change society? Without attacking the law and order? No, my dear brothers, there is no way it is going to change society. It's impossible that society will change. You need to provoke society for society to be changed.

Also, my dear brothers, what we need to understand is that when the Prophet Muhammad was inside Mecca, there were 360 idols in Mecca at that time. Today, people don't worship physical idols. Today, people worship the ideas of democracy, freedom, and capitalism. This is what the people are worshipping today. The woman says: I am free to have an abortion. The man says: I am free to go for sexual promiscuity. Do you see what I mean? This is the reality of today.

Who allows that freedom? Who allows that democracy? Who allows these false gods to exist? The government, the law and order, they are the ones that allow it. When the [people] said to the Prophet Muhammad: Why don't you add your god amongst our gods? Just one more, just add it in. He said: No way!


He said: Do you think I am going to mix my God with your gods? I'm never mixing my God with your gods. It's impossible for me to mix my gods [sic] with your gods, and I would never do so. I believe Allah is self-sufficient. He doesn't need your gods. I have come to destroy your gods. When Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad victory inside Mecca, he went to the Kaaba and destroyed all 360 gods inside it. But do you know what? He never stopped there. Do you know what he did? He went to the areas of [the idols] Lat, Uzzat, and Manat... He went inside these areas, and he asked the people: Where is Uzzat, where is Manat? He went and destroyed them, killed them, chopped their heads off, beheaded them. That is why, my dear brothers, we need to behead democracy from its roots.

We need to behead capitalism from its roots, take it, kill it from its roots. That is what we need to do. We should hate it so much, my dear brothers, that every day, we should attack their system. Every day. Just like the Prophet Muhammad did.


This is how we should feel. This is how we should believe. We should have the zeal in our hearts, for the sake of Allah, to destroy all their system and replace it with Islam.


Who allows alcohol in the first place? The law and order. So we need to address the law and order. We need to attack the law and order. A man during the time of the Prophet Muhammad... Sorry, I apologize. One time, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab saw some woman, and she was dressed inappropriately. What Muhammad did... No, I'm sorry what Omar Ibn Al-khattab did... He went up to her, and he hit her. He hit her. He said to her: "How dare you walk in the streets of Al-Madina, which belong to the Prophet Muhammad, dressed the way you are dressed?" She turned around and said to him: "Who the hell are you to tell me to dress like this?!" Do you know what he said? "I am the Emir of the Believers." But today, we can't go around slapping every woman in the street. We cannot do that. It is not allowed for us to do that.

So what we need to do is to address the munkar [evil]. We need to turn around and attack society. By removing the roots of the problem, you remove the issue. But if you just deal with the branches, grab a couple of branches here, a couple of branches there, it's not going to solve the problem. It would never solve the problem. We need to attack the root of the problem, which is the man-made law, the man-made system, which we live under today. Do you understand, brothers? That is what we need to do.

We cannot just sit down until our brothers say: Brother, what you are doing is forbidden. Sister, your scarf is completely forbidden, a big hump on the head. You can't do it like this. What you need to is tell the sister that her hump is wrong. You need to tell the brother he is wrong. Plus you need to command good and forbid evil, and make the society bow down to Allah.

That is what we need to do, my dear brothers. We need to attack the leaders. We need to turn around and attack, what's it? Daoud Kamroon... Cameron. He calls him Daoud Kamroon. We need to attack him. We need to say: Your laws are oppressive. We need to deal with those laws, and replace them with Islam. "Whoever rejects the Taghout and believes in Allah..." So we would destroy his system and replace it with Islam. That is what we need to do.


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