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Feb 01, 2020
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British Preacher Imran Ibn Mansur "Dawah Man": Infidels in the U.K. Are So Filthy They Don’t Care How Many People You Sleep with; You Can Marry Multiple Wives

#7804 | 04:43
Source: The Internet

British preacher Imran ibn Mansur, also known as "Dawah Man," uploaded a video to the Internet on February 1, 2020, in which he had a discussion with young men and boys about marriage. He asked his audience what they would do if somebody were to try to take their moms or sisters as girlfriends, and when one boy answered that he would want to kill the man, ibn Mansur responded that he is not allowed to do that and that an Islamic court would have to deal with the issue, but that he would have to "move back home" for this because there is no Islamic law in England.

In addition, ibn Mansur told his audience that they can have as many as four wives, even though he advises against it, and he explained that only Allah's form of marriage matters and that it's only illegal to have more than one wife on the wedding registry, but that it isn't illegal to have multiple partners, because the infidels in the U.K. are so filthy that they don't care how many people one sleeps with. He added that while some people say that getting married young may increase chances of divorce, it is nonetheless better to get married young and ultimately get divorced than to commit adultery at a young age. For more from ibn Mansur, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 6760 and No. 6330.

Imran ibn Mansur: "Put up your hand if you've got a sister. Okay, if you don't have a sister, put your hand up if you've got a mum. Now, would you like any guy to come to your mum or your sister and try to take her as a girlfriend? What would you do? You slap him. What about you?"

Boy: "Me?"

Imran ibn Mansur: "Yeah, what would you do?"

Boy: "I would..."

Imran ibn Mansur: "Not what would you do, but what would you like to do to him?"

Boy: "Kill him."

Imran ibn Mansur: "Okay... Now, Inshallah, you don't have to kill no one. Can I tell you something? You know, one Sahabi [companion of the Prophet] said something similar. And he said: 'Are you strange, do you find it strange that he said: 'I'm gonna kill?' And the Prophet said 'I have more ghayra, I have more jealousy for my women than this man. His name was Saad, the companion. And he said: 'And Allah has more than me.'

"But don't kill anyone. Because you're not allowed to kill yourself. It happens in the court. You have to let the court deal with it. We live in a country where they don't have Islamic law. So you have to basically just, you know... move back home.


"So the point that I'm making is that when you want it, Inshallah, ultimately, brothers, you have it in a halal way, and then you'll be very happy. And then, you know, you can get a second, and a third, and a fourth, if you really want. I don't advise it. But you can get it, if you really want."

Boy: "Is it illegal?"

Imran ibn Mansur: "No, it's not illegal. As in, it's legal to have a registration marriage, like as far as they're concerned, just say: 'It's my other girlfriend.' You know, the kuffar [unbelievers] don't care if you have ten girlfriends. As long as you have nikah [marriage] that is Allah's nikah, you can't go to the court and marry more than one woman. But you can... They don't care, that's how filthy they are. They say, you can sleep with 20 women, and still be married. So, they don't care if you have four wives. It's just you can't go to the court and marry four wives. Does that make sense? Were you thinking of a second? Get a first, first. But you want one? You don't want one? You don't want to get married? How old are you? But you know, can I tell you something, brothers? To want to get married is a good thing. You know, there's a Sahabi called Amr ibn al-As was 11 years old and he had his first son."

Boy: "Eleven?"

Imran ibn Mansur: "Yeah. He's the Prophet's companion, yeah. He was 11 and he had a son. His son's name is Abdullah."

Boy: "And he has a son?"

Imran ibn Mansur: "He has a son, as well, yeah. So, you should want to get married soon. Can I tell you the advice that the Prophet's lesson gave? He said: 'Oh youngsters, any one from amongst you who has the ability to get married, then let him get married.' Here ability does not necessarily mean money, although some say it is money. It means physical ability. As in, you get to the point where you're like: 'I like women.' So to protect yourself from haram, looking at other women, you should now go to Mum and Dad and say: 'Look, I'm a [unintelligible]...' And say: 'I need to get married.' You need to keep trying then. You need to keep chatting to Mum... How old are you bro? How old are you?"

Boy: "I'm 17."

Imran ibn Mansur: "And you?"

Boy: "18 in October."

Imran ibn Mansur: "Boy, you need to try harder, bro. I know a brother who was 18 and got married and he had two wives."


Boy: "What if bring up marriage to my Mum, and she just brushes it off her shoulder. She doesn't reply back. What's my next step?"


Imran ibn Mansur: "Show Mum and Dad: 'Look, I'm mature. I'm serious about life.' Does that make sense? You have to start taking responsibility. Because the way they see it, is because if they bring a woman into your life, are you going to be able to fulfill the responsibilities that you have over her? Does that make sense? So, you've got to show Mum: 'Look Mum, I'm mature.' So I think it will be good. Have a real conversation with Mum. Say: 'Mum, look, what's the reason why I can't get married?' Have a conversation. Break it out. Pull it out of her. What's the reason?"

Boy: "I was told that young marriage causes, like, breakups."

Imran ibn Mansur: "It depends, yes and no. It depends. And to be honest, it is better to get married young, even if it doesn't work out, than do to zina [fornication]."

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