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Jun 09, 2022
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British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan: The Lebanese Resistance Does Not Need Permission From The State To Attack The Greek FPSO Ship At Karish Gas Field; Drones, Missiles Are Ready To Strike

#9622 | 02:02
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)The Internet - "Atwan on YouTube"

British-Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan said in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on June 9, 2022 that Hizbullah and the Lebanese "resistance" did not ask for permission from the Lebanese heads of state when they "liberated" southern Lebanon and when they confronted Israel in the 2006 Lebanon War. He elaborated that liberation of Arab territory is a legitimate act that does not require permission from anyone.

Speaking about the Karish natural gas reservoir in the far northern part of Israel's exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea, Atwan said that the sea, the gas, the oil, the air, and the fish all belong to the Arabs, and he said that there are drones and missiles ready to strike the Greek FPSO vessel that recently arrived at the Karish field if it does not withdraw. In addition, in a June 10, 2022 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), Atwan spoke about Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s recent statements about the Karish gas field and the Greek FPSO ship (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9620). Atwan echoed Nasrallah’s statement that the Lebanese have nothing to lose by attacking the Greek vessel, and he said that Nasrallah’s statements are the words of a man who has already decided to go to war. Moreover, Atwan said that Israel only understands force.

Abdel Bari Atwan: "When the resistance liberated south Lebanon, it did not ask for permission from the three heads of state. When the resistance confronted the Israeli aggression in 2006, it did not ask for anybody's permission – neither from the President of Lebanon nor from the parliament speaker or the PM. It's over. It's a done deal. This story about asking permission... Why would they ask for permission? Liberation of land does not require permission. It does not draw its legitimacy from the three Lebanese heads of state. Really. Everything is a waste of time.


"These are no 'disputed areas.' These are Arab areas. These areas are occupied by Israel. This sea is ours. This gas is ours. This oil is ours. This air is ours. These fish are ours. The [Israelis] occupied it by force.


"This [Greek FPSO] boat must be withdrawn immediately. If it does not withdraw, it will be targeted. The drones and missiles are ready.


"Hassan Nasrallah said that our losses, as Lebanese, will be small and limited, compared to the losses that would be incurred by Israel. What does it mean? It means that we have nothing to lose. What can we lose except for our hunger? Will we lose the siege by the Americans? The siege by the Europeans or the Israelis? This is what [Nasrallah] meant. I believe that these are the words of a man who has already decided to go to war. Israel and America should listen to him.


"Now, force must be used. Really. Israel understands nothing but force."

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