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Jun 18, 2020
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British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan Warns: The U.S. Has Not Returned To Lebanon Since The 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing; Hizbullah And Syria Have Experience In This Field

#8090 | 02:14
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

British-Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan said in a June 18, 2020 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that Iran will not give up on Syria, since it and Hizbullah have been present there for nine years. He said that he has information that Iran will soon send oil tankers loaded with petrol to Latakia, Syria, and he said that if necessary, an armed confrontation will take place in the Middle East. Pointing out that there are 150,000 missiles in Lebanon, 200,000 missiles in Syria, and hundreds of thousands of missiles in Iran, Atwan predicted that such a confrontation would be the last war in the region and that all these missiles would be launched at Israel. He said that the U.S. has not returned to Lebanon since the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing, warning that Hizbullah and Syria have experience in this field.

Abdel Bari Atwan: "Iran will not give up on Syria. For nine years, Iran has been present in Syria. Hizbullah has been fighting in Syria for nine years. It would be very difficult for Iran to give up on Syria form the economic perspective. If Iran stands by Venezuela and sends tankers there with 1.5 million barrels of petrol, can we really expect it to give up on Syria? According to my information, Iran will son send oil tankers loaded with petrol to the Port of Latakia in Syria.


"I believe that if things get to the point of starving the people of Syria and Lebanon, and humiliating the Lebanese, the Syrians, and the Iranians... I believe that this is where the line will be drawn. I believe that the strategy is that if things lead to confrontation, there will be a confrontation. Like my colleague Mr. Juni said, this would be the last war in the region. There will be no war after that one. Everybody will use all their weapons. There are 150,000 missiles in Lebanon and 200,000 missiles in Syria. There are also hundreds of thousands of missiles in Iran. Where will all these missiles go? Obviously, they cannot reach America, but they can reach Israel. There is the American and Israel weak point.


"We should not forget that in 1983, when the American frigate was attacked [sic], and when the marines were killed in Beirut - America has not returned to Lebanon ever since. You are too young to remember, but in the 1970s Europe saw an unusual amount of violent chaos. Also in the 1980s. If people find no alternative but to retaliate, there can be many types of responses. Syria has experience in this field. Hizbullah has experience in this field."

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