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May 09, 2022
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British-Palestinian Journalist Abd Al-Bari Atwan: If Even A Single Hizbullah Missile Hits The Israeli Offshore Gas Rigs, International Extraction Companies Will Flee The Mediterranean Like Mice

#9564 | 01:21
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

British-Palestinian journalist Abd Al-Bari Atwan said in a May 9, 2022 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that if Hizbullah makes good on its threats and if even a "single missile" hits the Israeli gas rigs in the Mediterranean Sea, then all the gas extraction companies and investors will "flee like mice." He added that disarming Hizbullah is not a "simple matter" and that Hizbullah has 150,000 rockets, which constitute a "nightmare" for Israel.


Abd Al-Bari Atwan: "When [Nasrallah] said that the resistance would prevent the extraction of oil or gas by the occupation state, it means that the resistance will prevent them from doing so. This is a very clear threat. [Nasrallah] does what he says.

"I swear that if a single missile hits the Israeli gas rigs in the Mediterranean, no [international] gas extraction company will stay- not only on the Lebanese coast, but throughout the Mediterranean Sea. I swear, they will flee like mice. [Investors] are cowardly.

"Hassan Nasrallah means what he says. The problem is that there are Lebanese who believe that disarming the resistance is a simple matter, and that the UN should just come and ask Nasrallah and the resistance to hand over their weapons. What are they talking about? There are 150,000 [one hundred fifty thousand] rockets, which have become a nightmare for the Israeli occupation state."

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