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Apr 08, 2022
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British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan Praises Palestinian Terrorist Raad Hazem: He Shot The Settlers In Tel Aviv, Made The Israelis Flee Like Mice; There Are No Civilians There, They Are All Military

#9493 | 01:32
Source: The Internet - "Atwan on YouTube"

In a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on April 8, 2022, British-Palestinian journalist Abdel Bari Atwan praised Raad Hazem, the Palestinian terrorist who killed three Israelis and wounded severa others in a previous-day shooting in a bar in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the video, which had over 500,000 views, Atwan said that the terrorist was a hero who made the Israelis flee in terror "like mice." He also said that the Palestinians do not accept the "story of Israeli civilians" because even Israeli civilians they are active or reserve members of Israel's security forces. He added that today the Palestinians are manufacturing guns, and tomorrow they will manufacture rockets.

Abdel Bari Atwan: "What is the significance of the latest Tel Aviv attack? That young [perpetrator] Raad Hazem, that hero, stormed Tel Aviv, the number-one [economic] capital of the occupation state. What did this hero have? Just a gun.


"Did you see how the Israelis fled? By Allah, like mice. They fled in terror, not knowing where to go, just because of one young Palestinian. Imagine the hysteria... That is the enemy.


"See what a great paradox. The father is a member of the [Palestinian] security forces, and the son picks up a gun, goes to Tel Aviv, and shoots the settlers. Look, we do not accept and never will that these are civilians. They are not civilians. They are all military, or members of the police and the security forces.


"They are all reserve soldiers in the Israeli army. This story about [Israeli] civilians does not fool us, and should not fool the world. This is a new phase. Today, they are manufacturing guns and tomorrow they will manufacture rockets."

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