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Jan 13, 2014
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British Jihadi Cleric and Pro-Iranian U.S. Commentator Exchange Insults over Syria Crisis

#4116 | 03:58
Source: Press TV (Iran)The Internet

A recent Press TV debate on the situation in Syria turned into a debacle, with British Jihadi cleric Anjem Choudary and pro-Iranian American political commentator Dr. Randy Short hurling insults at one another. When Short took exception to Choudary's views, all pretenses of civility were dropped, with Short recommending counseling for Choudary, and the latter retorting that "Randy" was living on "cloud cuckoo land."

Following are excerpts from the debate, which was posted on the Internet on January 14, 2014:


Anjem Choudary: This difference of opinion among the mujahideen is only on the basis of whether it should declare an emirate at the moment – which is what [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has declared – or whether they should have a formation of Jihad and continue this, and make a declaration later. But all of these Muslims – Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, [Jabhat Al-Nusra leader] Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani, and any of the scholars that you've quoted... They all agree that Jihad is the only solution for Syria...



Moderator: They are prepared to kill each other because of this disagreement?



Anjem Choudary: There is an obligation upon the Muslims, wherever they are in the world, to support this verbally, financially, and physically.






Moderator: Mr. Choudary, is it permissible under God's laws according to Islam to kill people, to kill civilians – not just Shiites or Alawites, but also Muslim Sunnis, even Christians who have been attacked, kidnapped, and killed? How does Islam permit the killing of ordinary innocent civilians?



Anjem Choudary: This is an excellent question, but just before I get to that, let's me make one thing clear: As Muslims, we do not recognize the United Nations, we do not recognize the Security Council, we do not recognize NATO, we don't recognize Geneva II, III, or IV...



Randy Short: You don't recognize human rights.



Anjem Choudary: All the regimes in the area are taghout, regimes of the Devil, whether the Iranian regime, the Iraqi regime, or the Syrian regime. As far as Jihad is concerned – Jihad is very pure. Of course, we fight those people who are fighting us. Sometimes in the target, you will find innocent people, but definitely, they will never be targeted.



What we have to understand about the Jihad which is taking place in Syria – Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – is that it is a very pure Jihad. People are coming from thousands of miles away, and the last thing on their agenda is to kill women and children. They may die in the crossfire, but they would never be targeted by the mujahideen.



This is the propaganda of the Iranian regime, of the Iraqi regime, of Bashar Al-Assad, of Press TV, the BBC and CNN, and the Americans, but it is just not true. If you go to the ground, the people say...



Randy Short: The Iranians are the only people telling the truth.



Anjem Choudary: This is for Randy's ears. What I say to you, Randy, is: Who exactly is providing education, food, clothing, shelter, security? Al-Assad?



Randy Short: My name is Dr. Short, Mr. Choudary! Learn my name. Don't disrespect me.



Anjem Choudary: It is being provided by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani. Wake up, Randy. It's being provided by the mujahideen. They are providing security for the people under their own authority.



Randy Short: You need to wake up, and you probably need some counseling.



Anjem Choudary: They are being bombed by the Syrian regime, the Iranian regime, and Hizbullah. These are the big enemies that are the trinity of evil in the area. Randy, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You're living on cloud cuckoo land.



Randy Short: You're an enemy to humanity, to Islam, and to the people of Syria.



Anjem Choudary: I'm an enemy to the American regime, the British regime, and the Israeli regime, to the United Nations, to democracy and freedom.



Randy Short: The Iranians and others are telling the truth about what's happening in Syria, and they have actually helped the whole world. What you've done is almost brought us to the brink of World War III, where millions of people would die. I hop you're proud of yourself. As I said, you just like dam [Arabic for blood]. Since you can't call me Dr. Short, I'm going to call you dam, because you like blood. This "pure" Jihad, where they are murdering women and babies and raping folks – that's pure hell, not pure Jihad. What you've said is pure crap.






Anjem Choudary: Randy, Randy, Randy, you're going to blow a fuse in a moment. Calm down.



Randy Short: No! Dam, dam, dam. Stop the killing. I'm very calm. When you rationalize the mass murder of people as a difference of opinion... You're the one that needs to be calm.



Anjem Choudary: You talk about the refugees. Who is helping the people in Syria?






Randy Short: You are an ungodly wicked man, with very vicious ideas that are dangerous for humanity.



Anjem Choudary: It's not Bashar Al-Assad or Nuri Al-al Mailiki [helping the refugees].



Randy Short: I wish you did know who God was. You don't know a thing about God.





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