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Dec 28, 2023
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British Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Scholar Anas Altikriti: Iran's Enmity Towards Israel Is Genuine, But Its Use Of Arab Resistance Groups Has Been 'Loathsome'

#10774 | 01:28
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

British Islamist intellectual Anas Altikriti, the CEO and founder of the Cordoba Foundation, severely criticized Iran on a December 28, 2023 show on Al-Hiwar TV (U.K.), saying that it is a "big problem." He added that some people consider Iran's operation in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon to be a replication of what Israel is doing in Palestine. Altikriti added that he believes that Iran's enmity towards Israel is genuine, however the way it is using of the resistance is "loathsome." It is worth noting that the Cordoba Foundation has links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anas Altikriti: "Iran is, indeed, a puzzle, and it constitutes a big problem. Fist of all, its record in many countries, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen is extremely evil and absolutely bloodthirsty. Some consider [Iran] to be a clone of the Zionists and what they are doing in Palestine. What Iran has done in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, and what it is doing in Lebanon... All of this is... But the truth is that the big problem with regard to Iran is its great ability to disrupt plans and muddy the waters. It has an amazing ability to do this in everything.


"I completely agree that Iran's enmity towards Israel is genuine, but the way Iran has been using the resistance is insanely loathsome, to tell you the truth."

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