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Oct 25, 2017
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British Islamists against "Hijabi YouTubers": The Sins of All Women Who Follow You Will Be on Your Neck; Infidels Engage in Pig-Like Behavior Because They Eat Pork

#6330 | 04:22
Source: The Internet

In several YouTube channels, British preacher Imran Ibn Mansur, also known as "Dawah Man," exhorted women not to follow hijab-wearing women who give fashion and beauty advice on YouTube. "The sins of all women who follow you will be on your scale on Judgment Day," he warned the "hijabi youtubers." Discussing crop tops and other "sinful" behavior in great detail with his sidekicks, Ibn Mansur said that infidels who let their women shake hands or kiss other men are like pigs. "And you know what? It's because they eat pig," he concluded his argument.


October 25, 2017


Imran Ibn Mansur: Some of you, for example, have this hijab style, where you kinda teach sisters to have a strand of hair sticking out. You make one video, and that video gets 200,000 to 300,000 views. Every sister who learnt that from you, and now goes out and wears that hijab style, where her hair is exposed, in disobedience to Allah... Every single sister who does it and every time she does it - that sin will be on your scale on the Day of Judgment. She will be sinful for what she's done, but you will be sinful for what all of them have done.




The Prophet said that a woman who sprays perfume on herself and goes outside into the street, where the men can sniff her perfume... He said she is a fornicatress. Now, what about a woman who wears makeup, when makeup is more of a fitna than perfume?




If you were to stop liking, subscribing, and showing love to them for all the haram that they do, they will stop doing the haram. Trust me, if you came and you told all of these top hijabi youtubers... If you just commented every day, saying: "Haram, haram, fear Allah." Trust me, the next day, you will see them all in jilbab.




One of the brothers who's on my team - of course he wasn't looking intentionally - but he messaged me, shocked: "I just saw a hijabi in a crop top, showing her belly, my brother." A crop top is a top that shows... Sidekick: A brother saw a niqabi in jeans. One brother told me he saw a niqabi in jeans.


Imran Ibn Mansur: That's what I'm saying... Now look... You have to understand, my sisters, this is all because of the hijabi-youtuber culture.




Naseeha Sessions YouTube Channel

October 31, 2017


If your wife is coming out in front of people, showing herself, embarrassing herself, being all hysterical and laughing... All of this in front of people that are just... Maybe they are laughing at her, maybe they are...  Some people are perverted, they are just lusted by her, or something... They are in love with her, or something like that... I actually know a guy... One hijabi youtuber - he actually masturbated over her. Yeah, yeah, it is disgusting.


Sidekick: Allah forbid.




Imran Ibn Mansur: I don't know how you live in a day and age when a guy is comfortable with a man looking at his woman. By Allah, that is confusing. Honestly, this is your wife, bro...


Sidekick II: Honor...


Imran Ibn Mansur: Every man is watching her. And I told you that some guys are fondling themselves while they are watching her.




And I told you that some guys are fondling themselves while they are watching her. This is how the pigs move.




The pig is the only animal that will watch another male pig come and basically have intercourse with his pig woman. He will watch it and enjoy it. Sometimes he might get involved. Right, this is real talk... It is real talk...


Sidekick II: His pig woman...


Imran Ibn Mansur: The point is that the infidels eat (pigs) and the infidels are like that. The point is that the infidels eat (pigs ) and the infidels are like that. Like I'm saying, I've got a neighbor... My neighbor stands there, and his wife tries to chat to a man. She'll put her hand out. She is like: "Hi, my name is so and so." And I'm like, bruv... Obviously, I told her no, in a nice way... I said: "Sorry, we don't shake hands with women in our religion." But the point is that the man is standing there, letting his wife shake hands with me. Like I am saying, they are okay. You see hugging... Like I am saying, they are okay. You see hugging... The infidel will stay. He'll go and kiss the other guy's wife. No, by Allah, that's what they do. And the next thing you know... And you know what? It's because they eat pig.




IAMSTRIDEZ YouTube Channel

November 11, 2017


Our women feel insecure in the hijab.




Our women feel insecure in the hijab. I blame every single one of you. Every single one of your videos is going to be played back on the Day of Judgment.




Islamic Youtuber: These hijabi youtubers - you mentioned before that they are the reason... By Allah, on the Day of Judgment, that's going to be on your neck. Each and every single one of these millions and millions of sisters that watch your videos and have been misguided because of that... Each and every single one of them and what they are doing is going to be on your neck.




Imran Ibn Mansur: Don't indulge in short-term pleasure, short-term fun. That short-term fun is going to cost you an eternity of suffering and pain in the next life. Does it not makes sense to go for a little bit of patience in this world, for an eternity of ecstasy in Paradise? You have got rivers of wine in Paradise. If you really want to twerk that bad, twerk to your husband in Paradise.



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