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Jan 23, 2015
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British Islamist Abu Waleed Calls Muslims to Celebrate Death of Saudi King Abdullah

#4741 | 02:41
Source: The Internet

In an address posted on the Internet on January 23, 2015, British Islamist Shahid Janjua (a.k.a. "Abu Waleed") called upon Muslims to celebrate the death of Saudi King Abdullah, saying that they "can rejoice at the death of this dirty, filthy enemy of Islam." In a recent tweet, he said that he might be going to prison on February 3 under the U.K. terrorism act.

Following is an excerpt:

Title: "My Brother, Your King is Dead!"

Abu Waleed: What a beautiful day it is today. It is a day when Allah has healed the breast of a believing people. Today is a day when the Muslim nation can hold its head up high with honor and it can rejoice and smile at the death of this dirty filthy enemy of Islam, this apostate infidel King Abdallah. The one who is an enemy of Allah, an enemy of the Sunna of the Prophet, and was upon heresy, when compared to the path of the companions.

This is someone, my dear brothers, who signed the declaration of the opening of the United Nations in 1945, alongside Franklin Roosevelt. This is the one who assisted the Crusaders in usurping our national resources, and gave away the land of the Prophet to the polytheists. Even opposing the hadith of the Prophet, when he said that no two religions can co-exist within the Arabian Peninsula, yet permanent bases were given to the Crusaders – him and alongside him, his own brother, that other dirty tyrant King Fahd.

Not only that, let's talk about the permitting of forbidden things, when it comes to the heretic law being implemented inside the land of the Prophet. The Rafidite Shiites inside the land of the Prophet and surrounding the Ka'aba – what kind of religion is this? What kind of methodology is this? What kind of Salafist practice is this? This is complete falsehood.

Not to mention many other crimes. The abandonment of Jihad for the sake of Allah... Not only to mention that, but also the deporting of Muslims and arresting of Muslims and handing them over to Barak Obama and George Bush as well.

The crimes my dear brothers and sisters are too numerous to mention, but today, is a day, my dear brothers and sisters, that we can gather the children together and give them sweets, and buy them milk and honey and we should be out in the streets.

You, the brothers and sisters inside the Land of the Two Holy Places, you should be out in the streets of Mecca and Madina, celebrating, shaking the hands of your brothers. The sisters should be rejoicing and embracing one another. There should be parties going on. Cooking happening... Restaurants [should] be giving away the food for free. All of us should be gathering together and rejoicing on this very momentous occasion.

I celebrate alongside you, and I hope you will be celebrating this evening as well at the death of the dirty tyrant, and may all of those tyrants be removed from the face of this Earth. May the glory, honor, shari'a and law of Allah be restored with the permission of Allah soon and very soon inside the land of the Prophet.


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