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Dec 01, 2023
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British Islamic Scholar Imran Ibn Mansur Warns Against Joining Protests In The West: You Might End Up Standing Next To An Immodest Woman Or A 'Guy That Is Going To Take It In The Backside At Night'

#10693 | 01:44

British Islamic scholar Imran Ibn Mansur, who is also known online as "Dawah Man" warned in a December 1, 2023 lecture at Darussalam Masjid and Cultural Centre in Southall, a suburb of London against Muslims joining protests. He said that it is impossible to attend a protest without the "free mixing" of men and women, standing next to a "guy that is going to take it in the backside at night," and Muslim sisters leaving their homes. Ibn Mansur quoted a verse from the Quran directing women to stay in their homes, and he said that if they do leave the house, they must wear a niqab face veil or at the very least a jilbab over dress. He asked: "Is Allah going to give victory to people that are disobeying Him outright?" The lecture was streamed live on the Facebook page of the mosque.

Imran Ibn Mansur: "Guys, protesting, in and of itself, is it prohibited? The strongest view... I haven't seen any evidence that it is. But are there things that happen at protests that could be prohibited, that are absolutely impossible to escape, for example, free mixing with women, at the very least. Men and women mixing with each other – is that something that is necessary at the protests, yes or no?

"Let's not talk about other things... Let's not talk about the prayer time that gets missed. Let's not talk about what? Standing next to what? A guy that is going to take it in the backside at night, because that is who you are protesting with. Let's not talk about that. At the very least, is it not that men and women are free mixing together? You are going to stand with... [Muslim] sisters are coming out of their houses.

"Allah said: 'Stay in your house.' And if you come out, sister, make sure, it's in a niqab or at the very least a jilbab. At the very least a jilbab. But she's coming out with makeup, with nothing, because it's not the religion of Allah for her, it's a humanitarian cause. Does that make sense? Okay, cool. Okay, so is Allah going to give victory to people that are disobeying Him outright?"

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