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Oct 04, 2014
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British ISIS Fighter Abu Saeed Al-Baritani Calls on Muslims to Carry Out Terror Attacks in the West

#4535 | 02:04
Source: The Internet

In a video, titled "Message of the Mujahid," which surfaced on the Internet on October 4, British ISIS militant Abu Saeed Al-Baritani calls British PM Cameron "that despicable swine" and says to "all the brothers in the U.K." who cannot join the Jihad in Syria: "You are living in the West... You are blessed that you can cause terror in the hearts of the infidels, right in the center of all that heresy and of all that polytheism. You can cause terror right from within."

Abu Saeed Al-Baritani: This is a message to that despicable swine, David Cameron. You, along with all the other Western governments, have decided to bomb the Islamic State.


If you were real men, you will send all of your forces down on the ground. You will not bomb us from the sky. You will send them all on the ground, fighting us one by one. But you know that in the hearts of your men, they are cowards.


So America, you think that you're a superpower, when in fact, if you were a superpower, you wouldn’t need these forty other nations to come and fight us.


Know that all power belongs to Allah, and Allah is with the pious. So you can send your planes above us, but know that Allah is above your planes. You are fighting people who love death more than you love life.


So send all your forces, send them all. Send all your reserves, send all your backups, for we will send them back one by one in coffins.


The message to all the brothers in the U.K. is: Know that the Caliphate has been established. Brothers, if this isn't the time to do hijra – when is the time? When is the time you're going to do hijra? The Caliphate has been established. Why are you still in dar al-kufr? What does dar al-kufr have to offer you? We have the Islamic State over here. We're fighting Jihad. We've got ribat. Read the virtues of Jihad. Read the virtues of ribat, the virtues of fighting, the virtues of dying for the sake of Allah. Read all these virtues. Why are you still in the West? What does the West have to offer you? What does that filthy despicable country have to offer you? Nothing. The West offers you the materialistic world, but here, Allah is offering you Paradise.


The message to all the brothers who cannot do hijrais: I advise you to respond to the call of the sheikh, the mujahid, Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani. Cause terror in the hearts of the infidels. You are living in the West. Unlike us, you are blessed that you can cause terror in the hearts of the infidels, right in the center of all that heresy and of all that polytheism. You can cause terror right from within.


Unlike us, you can cause damage. You can cause real damage right within the heart of in dar al-kufr. So rise up, my brothers. Rise up.

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