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Oct 28, 2005
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A Bridegroom Turns into a Suicide Bomber in an Iranian TV Music Video

#917 | 03:25
Source: IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam3 TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from a music video aired by Iranian TV channel IRIB/Jaam-e Jam3 on October 28, 2005, accompanied by a description of the footage:

A car is decorated with flowers and other ornaments by a young bridegroom in preparation for his wedding. The young man's mother and bride are also seen preparing for the event.

The Al Aqsa mosque is shown within a Magen David. "A mosque is held captive between two triangles."

Footage is shown of children caught in gunfire in the territories. "A child dies under the boots of darkness."

The young man and his bride express affection and excitement along with their wedding preparations. "A cry spreads its wings in the night skies."

The mother continues to sew for the wedding, followed by footage of a funeral in the territories. "A mother begins sobbing again."

The young woman gives the young man a red sash and they separate. The young man enters the decorated car and drives away. Soldiers are seen shooting. "A bullet pierces my brother's chest. Martyrdom becomes the shrouds of a wilted flower."

The mother continues to sew at the sewing machine as her son drives the car towards his target. "His heart is cast upon the ground - still throbbing."


The young man stops the car, steps out, lifts the hood of the trunk and sets the bomb hidden inside. He ties around his forehead the red sash, inscribed with the words "Jerusalem is ours". The young man sets out again on his journey, and his mother is shown with tears running down her cheeks. The young man accelerates the car. Israeli soldiers turn to see the car approaching their base, but are unable to stop the car with gunfire. "Hurry, brother. Hurry. It's time for my martyrdom. It's time for self-sacrifice. It's time to save the homeland."

The young man crashes the car into the base, and there is a big explosion. "The stone is my weapon. It shatters the night. My cry is an axe ripping out the root of the night." The Israeli flag burns.

"Rise up, oh Muslim. Like a storm, we must shatter the night. We must repel darkness. Rise up, oh brother." Youth throw stones at tanks and soldiers.

The globe is seen spinning, and it stops at Palestine.

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