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Mar 06, 2015
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Boys Rap at Hamas Rally in Gaza: We Will Capture Soldiers, Fight Jews

#4822 | 01:09

During a Hamas rally held in Gaza on March 6, two boys rapped about fighting the occupation. "Through the tunnels, we will capture soldiers and fight Jews," they rapped. The rally was broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV.

Following are excerpts:

Boys: This is our story. Our story is a Gaza one. It begins with steel. We bombarded Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

Listen, you occupation, you occupying army: Our Gaza is mighty and will fend off the Zionist aggression.

We bombarded Ashkelon and they hid in their shelters like mice.

We have martyrs, we have wounded, and we are pissed off, but despite it all we have remained steadfast. They killed children, destroyed homes, and displaced families.

Listen, you occupation, we have sacrificed martyrs, but despite it all, we will heal our wounded, we will free our prisoners, and through the tunnels, we will capture soldiers and fight Jews.

This is the story of Gaza. It is the age of wars.

The Arab countries said that we are terrorists: Gaza, Qatar, and the West Bank.

The Egyptian court said that we are terrorists, but we are Gazans and we built the homeland with hands of stone and steel, the hands of the Al-Qassam Brigades.


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