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Nov 21, 2016
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Boston Imam Abdullah Faaruuq Calls on Trump and Clinton to Convert to Islam (Archival)

#6832 | 01:54
Source: Online Platforms - "Mosque for the Praising of Allah on YouTube"

During a sermon at Boston's Masjid Alhamdulillah, also known as the Mosque for the Praising of Allah, Imam Abdullah Faaruuq said that those who are waiting for Jesus to save them or who believe in Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Trump are “fools,” because these politicians do not follow an Islamic system. He criticized politicians for permitting "everything that Allah has forbidden,” including gay marriage, marijuana, alcohol, and prostitution. Faaruuq invited Hillary Clinton and then-President-Elect Donald Trump to join Islam, saying that they are going to die someday and that they should "get ready to meet [their] Lord." Faaruuq lives in Boston, MA and was born in the United States. The sermon was uploaded to the mosque’s YouTube channel on November 21, 2016.

Following are excerpts:


Imam Abdullah Faaruuq: If you're Arab, black, white, whatever the case is, all of humanity can be saved by this message. But you can't wait for Jesus to save you, and you can't wait for Trump to make changes. You couldn't wait for Obama to make changes. The change is in your hands.




If you believe Obama, or if you believe Trump, or Hillary, or anybody else… Bush, anyone of them… You're a fool. Why? Because even if they have the best intention, they've got the wrong system. They don't have the system of truth. They're following the ways of men. So everything that Allah has forbidden, they permit. Homosexuality and marriage, gay marriage, marijuana, alcohol, prostitution… Everything that God has said "Don't do," they do, and then they legalize it.




I don't care who's supposed to be running the show now. I'm inviting Mr. Trump to be Muslim. Submit to the will of God, Mr. Trump. Hillary, I know you lost, but I want you to be Muslim, too. I want you to submit to the will of God, that's all it means. Don't keep on doing your own thing or you're going to find yourself in terrible loss, in a lost state. You're soon to meet your demise, Mr. Trump. You're the same age I am, 70 years old. You're going pretty soon, don’t think about these last few years of glory. Cancer is gong to come and get you, or one of them other diseases, if not, a heart attack. It's going to hit us all, so I'm not threatening anybody, I'm just telling you the facts of life. You, Hillary, you're soon gone. So get ready to meet your Lord.

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