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Jul 31, 2020
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Friday Sermon In Bojnurd, Iran By Abolghasem Yaghoubi: Pork Contains A Microbe That Weakens One's Zeal; Just Look At The Westerners – There Is No Difference Between Men And Women There

#8188 | 01:20
Source: Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran)

Abolghasem Yaghoubi, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's representative in the Khorasan Shomali province, said in a Friday, July 31, 2020 sermon in Bojnurd that aired on Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran) that God has prohibited the consumption of pork because it contains a vitamin or a microbe that weakens the zeal of those who eat too much pork. He gave the example of Westerners, amongst whom he said "there is no difference between men and women."

Abolghasem Yaghoubi: "God has made permissible all that is pure and clean. Anything that is good for us, He has made permissible. The things that He has prohibited are certainly negative things. He permitted the meat of sheep and other halal animals, and he forbade pork. Maybe some will ask: 'What is the difference between pork and beef? Why is one permitted and the other forbidden?' Modern scientists have discovered that pork contains a vitamin - a kind of microbe - that weakens the zeal of people who eat too much pork. Their zeal fades, like these Westerners who, as you can see... There is no difference between men and women among them. They do not adhere to what is divinely permitted and forbidden. They pursue alcohol, gambling, pork, and all other forbidden things."

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