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Oct 11, 2015
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Blooper: Egyptian TV Host Ahmed Moussa Mistakes Video Game Footage for Russian Airstrikes in Syria

#5109 | 04:05
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa recently hailed Russia as "fighting terrorism for real" in Syria. "Watch what the Russian airforce is doing to [the ISIS convoys]," he said. However, the footage he aired was in fact footage of a computer game called "Apache: Air Assault." The show aired on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel on October 11, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Ahmed Moussa: Let me show you…

Russia. Yes, Russia. Russia is not fooling around. America was playing games. America wasn't bombing ISIS at all. Nobody was bombing ISIS. The Americans were patting ISIS on the back, funding and arming them. But look how the Russians attacked ISIS. That's Russia. Yes, that is the Russian army. Those are the Russian weapons. That is Putin. That is the Russian Federation. Yes. Are they fighting terrorism? Indeed, they are! Who are they attacking? I will show you a horrific video in a moment. Horrific! The Americans were attacking for one a half years, but we didn't see a single bullet or missile kill anyone. The Russians go at it with all force, and the [terrorists] flee like sheep. ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same. They are all like sheep. They flee, and the Russians hunt them as if they were hunting birds in the air.


That's Russia. It doesn't fool around. I'm going to show you some airstrikes. Concentrate on these airstrikes. Concentrate on the terrorists. Concentrate on their armored vehicles and tanks and how they flee. Then watch what the Russian airforce is doing to them. It is as if they were playing chess. Yes, they are playing chess with them. Just like that. That is the difference between a superpower that fights terrorism, and one that protects, finances, and arms it. The Russians are fighting terrorism for real, while the Americans were helping terrorism. That's the difference. Let's take a look. See for yourselves what the Russians did.

Images from a video game called "Apache: Air Assault"

Ahmed Moussa presents these images as actual war footage

You can see 10-20 people in that area. They are all members of the ISIS terrorist organization. Look what the Russians are doing to them. Watch what that missile is doing to that car.


That's Russia. The Russian forces are doing this. Let me tell you, today… There are groups of them. Watch the convoy of the ISIS terrorist organization. Watch how they follow them. There you go! They attack them. One. Two. Three. Eight. Twenty. Thirty. The convoy is fleeing. But who would let it run away? The convoy is fleeing. But who would let it run away? These are not the Americans. The Americans used to say: "Goodbye. Go ahead and enter Baghdad." The Russians do not say that. They have come to destroy [ISIS].


You can see what is happening on the ground.


This is on TV. We haven't invented anything. This is satellite footage. The Syrian operations are so precise. This is the difference between Russia, which fights terrorism for real, and the Americans, who are patting terrorism on the back.


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