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Feb 13, 2015
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Berlin Imam Abdel Qader Daoud Supports Colleague Chastised for Misogynistic Sermon

#4784 | 02:14
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon at the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque in Berlin on February 13, Imam Abdel Qader Daoud said that telling a woman to comply with her husband's wishes was merely exercising freedom of speech. Although he did not mention his colleague Sheik Abdel Moez Al-Eila by name, he was clearly referring to the media uproar that ensued after the Al-Nur Mosque preacher stated, in a January 23 sermon, that women should be confined to the home and should never refuse to have sex with their husbands. For the previous Berlin sermon, see MEMRI TV clip 4756.


Abdel Qader Daoud: "When a speaker says to a Muslims woman: 'Your Prophet Muhammad said that your husband has the right to expect you to ask for his permission if you want to step out of the home"... Where's the problem? Is that a dictatorship? Is this not in keeping with freedom of speech, which the media has blown out of all proportion? If a preacher says: 'Oh women, your Prophet Muhammad said, according to a hadith'... Does the media expect us to reject a hadith by our beloved Prophet Muhammad? This hadith appeared in the collections of Bukhari, Muslim, and Al-Tirmidhi. These are our Islamic sources. Will mosque preachers be forbidden from now on to tell a Muslim woman that she must comply with her husband's wishes, when he summons her to bed? Where's the problem? This is not his own opinion or view. It is the religion of his Lord and he is citing the existing sources. He was addressing Muslim women, but along came the media and blew this out of proportion. What makes me even sadder is that some people who profess to be Muslims - some of whom may even represent Muslims in Europe, or at least in Germany - say: 'This is an offense against humanity.' This means that by saying this, the Prophet Muhammad was attacking humanity. Then the media shows another woman, who is wearing a hijab- only Allah knows the truth - and she says: 'This rhetoric is not part of our religion of Islam.' We say to the media: If these people are indeed Muslims, they are exercising hypocrisy with you. They are lying to you, as you know full well.


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