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Nov 02, 2020
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Berlin-Based Syrian YouTuber Fayez Kanfash Leads 'Macron The Dog' On A Leash, Burns Macron Pictures: This Is What Happens To People Who Curse Our Prophet

#8435 | 03:38
Source: The Internet - "Kanfash on YouTUbe"

In a November 2, 2020 video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Berlin-based Syrian YouTuber Fayez Kanfash dragged by rope "Macron, the dog" – a man wearing a mask of French President Emmanuel Macron through the streets of Berlin. While burning pictures of Macron, Kanfash hit the man and shouted at him that he is a lowlife and a dog. Kanfash told onlookers that this is how people who curse Islam and the Prophet Muhammad will be treated, and he led people in chants of "Allah Akbar!" The video concludes with Kanfash being interrogated by several police officers. Kanfash's YouTube channel has close to one million subscribers.

Fayez Kanfash: "Say: 'I bear witness...'

Man With Macron Mask: "I bear witness..."

Kanfash: "...that there is no God but Allah..."

Man With Macron Mask: "...that there is no God but Allah..."

Kanfash: "...and I bear witness..."

Man With Macron Mask: "...and I bear witness..."

Kanfash: "...that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger."

Unknown speaker: "...that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger."

Man With Macron Mask: "Say: 'Allah Akbar!'"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar!"

Onscreen Text: "Warning! Please do not imitate these actions, because they are dangerous. Respect the German state."

Kanfash: "Let's go! —Say: 'Allah Akbar!'"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar!"

Kanfash: "Do not kill him, he is not the real [Macron]. Just wait, you dog, you lowlife. You want to eat shawarma? I will let you eat my shoe! — Say: 'Allah Akbar!'"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar!"

Kanfash: "This is Macron..."

Unknown speaker: "This is Macron. We burned you, you @#$%. Did you curse Islam, you lowlife, you animal?"

Kanfash: "Did you curse Islam, you dog?"

Man With Macron Mask: "I'm sorry, I really am."

Unknown speaker: "Oh, Macron..."

Kanfash: "Just wait, you dog... Let's go, come with me. Let's go, Macron. Let's go! Whoever insults out Islam and our Prophet will be treated like this."

Unknown speaker: "We will not accept it."

Kanfash: "The truth is on our side!"

Unknown speaker: "The Arab leaders are traitors."

Unknown speaker: "Burn him, burn him!"

Kanfash: "This is the dog that curses Islam. I swear that if you do that again, we will #$*&!  1, 2, 3, say: 'Allah Akbar!'"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar!"

Kanfash: "Come you dog, you lowlife, you insect. His wife wants to ban the hijab because the children are afraid. 1, 2, 3, say: 'Allah Akbar!'"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar!"

Onscreen text: "Warning! Please do not imitate these actions. Abide by the law."

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