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Dec 15, 2019
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Beirut Governor Removes Statue in Heart of City Because It Remotely Resembles Star of David

#7659 | 02:22
Source: Online Platforms - "New Lebaon Online"

On December 15, 2019, New Lebanon Online published a report about a statue that was removed from Martyrs' Square in the heart of Beirut at the behest of Beirut's governor, Ziad Chbib. The statue, which was made of several large squares of metal, was removed because of a viral photo that showed that it looks like a Star of David when viewed from a specific angle. Expressing his disapproval of the fact that some people do not understand art and culture, the reporter emphasized that Israel is Lebanon's number one enemy and criticized Lebanon's media for spreading lies and misinforming the public. The statue, by British artist Nathaniel Rackowe, was installed in Beirut Martyrs' Square in July 2018.


Reporter: "'What is the story of the statue in the heart of Beirut that resembles a Star of David and that has caused controversy?' This is the question the Lebanese people are asking about 'the statue that resembles a Star of David.' A [picture of the statue] went viral last night and caused much controversy. It was said that this is a statue of the same Star of David that is found at the center of the flag of the Israeli entity. However, close inspection reveals that the statue has nothing to do with that star. In fact, it is not even a statue of a star. Rather, it is a cluster of squares inspired by the metal barricades that are often used by the security forces and the military to close down roads in Lebanon. It is impossible to form a star from squares, because a star is usually formed out of two triangles, according to technical experts. The specific angle from which the picture was taken – from the balcony of a building overlooking Martyrs' Square – made the squares [of the statue] look like this, in the darkness of night.




"In order to fend off rumors, Beirut Governor Ziad Chbib ordered the removal of the statue that caused confusion among ignoramuses who know nothing about culture and art.




"If this was really a statue of a Star of David, like some people claim, how come the Lebanese state, with all its political parties and security forces, agreed to the installation of this statue on July 28, 2018 – a year and a half prior to this revolution. Where were the state and the resistance back then?



"Our media should be professional and genuinely Lebanese, and we must avoid misinformation. The Israeli entity is Lebanon's number one enemy, and the decision of the Lebanese people is perfectly clear. However, some mercenary media outlets strive to break rating records, to create misinformed public opinion, and to fabricate lies."


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