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Mar 23, 2023
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Bangladeshi Islamic Scholar Enayetullah Abbasi: Bangladeshi Muslims Will Fly the Flag of Islam in Delhi; We Will Gouge Out the Eyes of Our Enemies

#10207 | 00:57
Source: Online Platforms - "@VoiceOfHindu71 on Twitter"

In a video tweeted by @VoiceOfHindu71 on March 23, 2023, anti-Hindu Bangladeshi Islamic scholar Enayetullah Abbasi said that the Islamists in Bangladesh will gouge out their enemies’ eyes and that if anybody invades Bangladesh, every madrasa will take up arms. He said that every Muslim would stand alongside the Bangladeshi Army for Jihad, adding: “Myanmar is insignificant to us. Bangladeshi Muslims have the power to fly the flag of Islam in Delhi, and the future will show that. Abbasi’s audience cheered as he spoke, and they chanted: “The enemies of Islam are the infidels, beware!”

Enayetullah Abbasi: "The Islamists in this country will gouge their eyes out. If anyone comes to invade even an inch of Bangladesh. Every Madrasa in Bangladesh will turn into cantonment with weapons. Every Muslim will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Bangladesh Army for Jihad. Myanmar is insignificant to us. Bangladeshi Muslims have the power to fly the flag of Islam in Delhi too, and the future will show that inshallah. Nar-E-Taqbir. Allahu Akbar. Nar-E-Taqbir. Allahu Akbar. The enemies of Islam are the Kaferr [unbelievers]. Beware, beware."

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