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Dec 17, 2019
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Bahraini Opposition Leader Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Praises Houthis, Calls on Bahrainis to Take Inspiration from Them: The Khalifa Clan Is an Occupier Like the Zionists

#7665 | 03:13
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Wafa Islamic Movement on YouTube"

Bahraini Shiite Sheikh Abdullah Saleh, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Society, an Islamist political party in Bahrain, said in a lecture that was uploaded to the Internet on December 17, 2019 that the Khalifa clan that rules over Bahrain is an occupier that was brought to power by the British in order to control the region. He compared the Khalifa clan to the Saud clan, to Israel, and to the Zionists, saying that its goal is to strengthen Israel and the Gulf countries and to prevent the Arab people from becoming independent. Sheikh Saleh said that the only way the Bahrainis can regain their rights is by means of “serious, diligent, and continuous action,” and he praised the success of the Houthis in Yemen. He added that Bahrainis need to take Islam more seriously. Sheikh Saleh delivered his lecture against the background of an image of Imam Khomeini and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Abdullah Saleh: Our conflict with the Khalifa clan is with the people who occupy land, and who control the country’s decision making, its resources, its present, and – if they are allowed to remain – its future. This is our main conflict.


The Khalifa clan are no different than the Zionists. There are seven or eight regimes in the region that were brought [to power] by the British in order to control the region: Israel, the Saud clan, the Khalifa clan, and the rest of those tools.


They are collaborators with [their] masters. Their main goal is to strengthen Israel in order to keep the rest of the Arab countries busy, and to strengthen the Gulf countries in order to keep the Gulf peoples busy, so that they do not rise and become independent. Our main conflict is to become independent and expel the foreigners from the Golf region.


All our rights have been denied us, and our only way to regain them is by means of serious, diligent, and continuous action. People sometimes say that we Bahrainis are not patient. When we rise, we rise powerfully, but with time it wanes. I say that this requires a continuous effort. The Houthis are much weaker than our people. They live in caves and mountains, in unbelievable poverty. Read about them and you’ll see. In Saada and elsewhere. However, with the blessing of the Quranic revival in Yemen, these people have managed to amplify their meager means, and become the number one figure in the equation. I say that we must also be… We have been neglecting our religion. Our country needs us to be more serious and more determined to succeed, and success will come.


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