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Feb 08, 2021
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Bahraini Political Analyst Saeed Al-Hamad: Iran's Enterprise Is Hitlerian In Nature; I No Longer Trust The Democrats, The American Left Of The Wealthy

#8690 | 01:53
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show (Kuwait)"

Bahraini political analyst Saeed Al-Hamad said that Iran threatens the Gulf states even without having a nuclear bomb, that it wants to rule the world, and that it "has bred Hitlerism." He spoke in an interview with Diwan Al-Mullah Online (Kuwait) that aired on February 8, 2021. Al-Hamad said that Khomeini, Ahmadinejad, and Khamenei share Hitler's dreams, aspirations, chauvinism, and racism. He said that he no longer trusts the Democrats, who are now part of the left wing, because the leftist countries in the Arab world and globally have failed miserably and have been destructive to their neighbors. Al-Hamad added that today the left in America represents the wealthy, and it is not like the left the Arab world had known in the past.

Saeed Al-Hamad: "I personally no longer trust the Democrats in recent years. As a politician, I have supported the Democrats rather than the Republicans, but the Democrats have become the current left-wing. I used to be close to the left-wing parties. The left in the Arab world and across the globe has failed miserably, and has become destructive to neighboring countries. Haven't the leftist Soviet Union and socialist countries failed? The left in America today is the left of the wealthy, of those who are well off. It is not the left we know in the Arab world. 


"Even without having a nuclear bomb, Iran threatens us and interferes in the affairs of our countries. What can we expect to happen once it obtains a nuclear bomb? Will it want to rule the world? Absolutely! [Khamenei] is Hitler. There was only one [real] Hitler, but Iran has bred Hitlerism. [Saudi] Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman rightly described [Khamenei] as Hitler in one of his interviews. Read Hitler's biography, his dreams, his aspirations, his chauvinism, and his racism, and you will find it all embodied in Khomeini, in Ahmadinejad, and now in [Khamenei]. This is an entire Hitlerian enterprise. This is the sad reality. This is the neighbor we have. "

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