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Sep 04, 2020
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Bahraini Opposition Activist Ali Al-Fayez: The Reaction To Bahraini Normalization Of Relations With Israel Would Be Violent

#8275 | 01:01
Source: LuaLua TV (Bahraini Opposition)

Bahraini opposition activist Ali Al-Fayez said in a September 4, 2020 interview on Al-Lualua TV (Bahraini Opposition) that Bahraini normalization with Israel would cause a violent popular and political reaction because it would constitute an imminent danger to Bahrain from an economic, political, religious, cultural, social, and moral perspective.

Ali Al-Fayez: "[Bahraini] normalization of relations [with Israel] would not pass peacefully. The reaction would be violent."

Interviewer: "You mean a reaction by the public?"

Al-Fayez: "By the public, the political forces, and everybody. This normalization would not pass just like that, because it constitutes an imminent danger to Bahrain in its entirety, and in all aspects – economically, politically, religiously, culturally, socially, morally, and you can add whatever you want. This is a real danger to Bahrain and Bahrainis on all levels."

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