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Sep 06, 2020
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Bahrain-Based Researcher Amjad Taha: Threats Against The UAE Would Serve As A Coup De Grace To Iran; Iran Is All Talk, Its People Are Too Poor To Go To War

#8284 | 01:49
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Iranian writer Hossein Rouyvaran said in a September 7, 2020 show on Russia Today that Iran would not accept any UAE infringement on its national security. He said that if the UAE were to allow U.S. warplanes to launch from its territory, Iran would bomb the places from where they took off. Bahrain-based researcher Amjad Taha responded that Iranians are too poor to go to war. He said that Dubai is the economic hub of the world, and that any country that threatens Dubai would be delivering a coup de grâce upon itself. Taha added: "We all know that Iran is all talk and will not venture to do anything." For more about Amjad Taha, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 8248, No. 7358, and No. 6843.

Hossein Rouyvaran: "In the event of a threat to its national security, Iran is completely ready. When the American plane took off from the Al-Jufra Airbase in the UAE, and was then downed by Iran, Iran notified the Emirates that this was the last time that Iran would allow the UAE to infringe on its national security, and that next time, Iran would bomb any location from which an American plane were to take off. The UAE quickly sent a security delegation to Iran, because it knows that Iran is serious and does not take its national security lightly..."

Interviewer: "Why are you smiling, Amjad?"

Amjad Taha: "I am smiling because he uses the rhetoric of Hitler. Hitler used to threaten Moscow, and then he committed suicide on its walls. Seventy percent of Iranians are poor. How can they fight while their stomachs are empty? Their own people are mad at them. Whoever is threatening the UAE today would be delivering a coup de grace upon himself. All the economic power is in Dubai. Dubai is the hub of the world's economy. Iran did not do this in the past, so how would it do it... Iran did not do this when it was strong, so how would it now, when it is so weak? We all know that Iran is all talk and will not venture to do anything."

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