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May 16, 2021
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Former Israeli Knesset Member Azmi Bishara: We Should Cooperate with and Put Our Trust In The Arab, Muslim, African-American, Leftist Grassroot Activists Of The American Democratic Party, Who Are Victims Like Us

#8846 | 02:03
Source: Al-Araby TV (Qatar/U.K.)

Qatar-Based author and former Israeli Knesset member Azmi Bishara said that the differences between Trump and Biden regarding Israel are microscopic and that Biden is under the influence of the Zionist lobby and "for now" he is with Israel. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Araby TV (Qatar) on May 16, 2021. Bishara said that in the long run Palestinians should rely on the "grassroots activists" within the Democratic party, and they should connect with the growing numbers of Arabs, Muslims, leftists, and African-Americans in the party, who are victims like the Palestinians. Bishara defected from Israel to Qatar in 2007 amid espionage charges. For more information about Azmi Bishara, see MEMRI TV clips nos. 2995 and 2907

Azmi Bishara: "If Trump was in power now, he would appoint Israel and encourage it to hit [Gaza] harder. [Biden's] style is completely different. [Trump] would not have talked to anyone and would not send an envoy or anything. There is some difference between the two, but with regard to the Palestinian cause, one needs a microscope to see it. In the long run, we should rely on the grassroots activists of the [Democratic] Party. There are more Arabs and Muslims among those activists now. There are more African-Americans and leftists there. We should connect with these people.

"The Arabs should get used to striking relationships with the democratic forces in the world rather than the right wing and the racists. They should cooperate with people who are like them, who are victims like them. We always like the whites, Anglo-Saxons with blue eyes... No. We should cooperate with people like us. These people constitute the pressure group within the Democratic Party and elsewhere. We should put our trust in them for the long run. Things won't change in a day or two. I believe that he has given them... Biden's history is extremely peculiar with regard to Israel. He's the one who said you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. It was Biden who has made this strange statement.

"There were days that the Zionist lobbies completely controlled the Democratic Party, and they would do anything to please Israel. Biden was in Congress for 40 years. The Zionist lobby is active mainly in Congress, and Biden was there for 40 years. He was exposed to this lobby from head to tiptoes. I think it would take time for the difference to emerge, but right now, he is with Israel. Absolutely."

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