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Dec 26, 2020
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Azerbaijani Soldier Sings: 'Thanks To Turkey And Pakistan, We Stood Up Against Armenia'

#8659 | 00:30
Source: Online Platforms

An Azerbaijani soldier in Nagorno-Karabakh lip-syncs to a viral song on social media in Azerbaijan in a video posted on Türkistan ''Türkü Dünyası'' on Facebook on December 26, 2020. The song praises the Turkish-Azerbaijani-Pakistani alliance. It stresses that Azerbaijan stood up against Armenia, thanks to Turkey and Pakistan. The song also adds: "We named our army Turan."

Azerbaijani Soldier: "We stood up against Armenia, thanks to Turkey and Pakistan. They are always friends of Azerbaijan. We named our army 'Turan.' We named our army 'Turan.'"

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