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Jun 09, 2018
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Australian Cleric At Sydney Quds Day Event: We Support Iran, Hizbullah

#6625 | 01:58
Source: The Internet - "Sheikh Al-Ameli on YouTube"

At a Quds Day event in Sydney, Australian Shi'ite cleric Sheikh Nami Farahat Al-Ameli called the Islamic State (ISIS) "no more than an American invention." He added that some people have been threatening "to expose us for supporting the Islamic Republic or supporting the resistance," adding, "This is something we don't hide. We publicly support Iran... and yes, we publicly support – emotionally support – Hizbullah." Sheikh Al-Ameli posted a video of his speech on his YouTube page on June 9.

On his Twitter account on February 11, 2018, he posted a video of himself and Iranian Ambassador to Australia Abdolhossein Vahaji cutting a cake decorated with the Iranian flag with "Islamic Revolution in Iran Victory" on it, with the text: "Celebrating the 39th Anniversary of Imam Khomeini's revolution with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australia and the respected scholars." Also on Twitter, he retweets from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and tweets in celebration of the "defeat" of the U.S., the end of "the superiority of America over the world," and in support of Hizbullah, and harshly criticizes the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, and other Western countries. Although in June 2018 he led the Friday prayer at the Imam Hasan Centre in Annangrove, New South Wales, Australia, which has held interfaith events, on May 7 he tweeted that "inviting Zionists to an interfaith program is like inviting Shaytan [Satan] for Iftar, and in December 2017 he tweeted, "We have never recognised the zionist made 'two state solution', as there is only one rightful owner the Palestinian people and their holy city is and always will be Jerusalem." The English page of his personal website, Alusma.com/en, features promotions for past events in Australia focusing on Iran, its Islamic Revolution, and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei.

Nami Farahat Al-Ameli: "We stand with great honor, and we expose the hypocrites who used or who hijacked the name of Islam through the support of the global arrogant powers. ISIS that struck the world with its terrorism, was no more than an American invention, and the logistics support it received from some Western governments is not hidden from people with knowledge. American imperialism and its allies along the Zionist regime are the source of terrorism, while the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and the Syrian and Iraqi Army, with the support of some countries such as Russia, are the one who stood against this terrorism. On Al-Quds Day, we publicly stand and support all those who stood against the terrorists. Some people, they threaten us, or some people they have been threatening us lately to expose, to expose us for supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran or supporting the resistance. This is something that we don't hide. We publicly support Iran. We publicly support all the free people in the world who are standing against the arrogant powers, and yes we publicly support, emotionally support, Hizbullah."

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