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Feb 02, 2018
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Australian Preacher Nassim Abdi Lashes Out at Liberal Muslims, Adds: Polytheism Is Worse Than Sin

#6504 | 02:59
Source: Online Platforms - "ASWJ on YouTube"

Sheikh Nassim Abdi gave a lecture at the ASWJ Auburn Mosque in Sydney, Australia, in which he criticized "new age heresy" and "new age atheism," warning that "females are starting to give sermons" because we are in the age of equality, enlightenment, feminism, and intellectual thinking. Criticizing TV shows like the Australian "Muslims Like Us" and "The Mosque Next Door," Abdi said that believing in Christmas is worse than committing fornication, but that Muslims who say this on a reality show are portrayed as extremists. The lecture was posted on the ASWJ YouTube channel on February 2.

Sheikh Nassim Abdi: "This is the consequence of heresy that no one can rectify – the staying for eternity in the Hellfire. For a person, Allah forbid, who dies as an infidel – there is no leaving the Hellfire for that person.


"It is no longer about: 'Go and be a Christian, worship the cross, or worship Jesus.' That is no longer. No one believes in this. It is no longer: 'Go and be a Hindu, worship a cow.' It is no longer this. It is no longer: 'Be a Zoroastrian, worship the fire.' No one believes in this. New-age heresy, new-age atheism, beautified and molded in the form of liberalism, beautified and molded in the form of secularism, beautified and molded in the form of academic advancement, intellectual advancement.


"The scholars unanimously agree: Even if you believe in Allah, you can still be an infidel or a polytheist.


"Females are starting to give sermons. Why? Because we are in the age of equality, we are in the age of enlightenment, we are in the age of feminism, we are in the age of intellectual thinking, we are in the age of doing whatever you want, because 'nothing can take you out of the fold of Islam.' Incorrect. We see, day after day, a mosque here, an organization there – the men are praying in the back and the woman is leading them in prayer. This is heresy.


"We see day after day – and it's only going to get worse – the effects of the propaganda against Islam. And I am not talking about terrorism or not terrorism. I'm not talking about that now. I am talking about shows like this 'Muslims Like Us' coming up, like "The Mosque Next Door" that they have done in Queensland. Shows that make... You, in order to be an accepted Muslim, you have to be almost exactly like a non-Muslim. And you have to accept it, and you cannot forbid the evil. And anything that goes against that is stupidity and extremism. They put on a sheikh... One who says that for you to celebrate Christmas is worse than for you to drink alcohol and commit fornication. And this is true. Polytheism is much worse than committing a sin. A person who believes in Christmas goes to Hell for eternity. A person who committed fornication – if Allah does not forgive him, he will go to the Hellfire, and then he will end up in Paradise. Which one is worse? It is clear-cut which one is worse. But then [on the show], he makes him what? He makes him out to be the extremist, and we are the good, moderate, fun, acceptable Muslims. As Allah says: 'And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you, until you follow their religion.' The Jews and Christians will never accept you, will never be happy with you, until you follow their way."

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