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Oct 28, 2017
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Australian Islamists Yearn for the Days of the Great Warriors of Islam: Our Children Need to Adopt Saladin As Their Role Model Instead of Superman or Batman

#6403 | 04:42
Source: The Internet - "ASWJ Revesby Media on Youtube"

Australian Islamist scholars Abu Bakr Zoud and Mohamad Doar glorified Saladin and his military prowess, suggesting that a similar role model was needed in order to regain Al-Aqsa. Speaking at a seminar on Saladin, held by the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah chapter in Revesby, Sydney on October 28, 2017, Abu Bakr Zoud said that "we need to instill and drill inside [our children's] minds the stories of the great warriors of Islam and of the Companions" because "they need a role model in their life to follow in their footsteps," instead of Superman and Batman. Mohamad Doar, recalling Saladin's victory at the Battle of Hittin, said that Muslim division today prevented them from conquering the lands the way Saladin and his army had conquered them.

Australian Islamist Scholar Abu Bakr Zoud: "Allah willing, we are going to learn something really unique about [Saladin’s] character, so that if one of us, or some of us, are able to duplicate the kind of character he had, Allah willing, we will be able to reproduce thousands and thousands of Saladins, for them to come back and restore the honor and dignity that the Muslim nation once had.

"But let me begin first by saying that this whole conflict, this entire Palestinian… The occupation of Jerusalem and Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this entire thing… It is not just a Palestinian issue, nor is it just an Arab issue. This is actually the issue and the concern of all Muslims all over the world. This is the problem of all Muslims to deal with, and for us to all work together with full effort and determination, each in his or her own capacity, in restoring the blessed lands back into the hand of the Muslims.


"Each and every single person is supposed to put their full efforts – and the full efforts are needed – in restoring this blessed land. What do we mean by that? You see, my brothers and sisters in Islam, Al-Quds, which is Jerusalem, was occupied during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad. So you see how you and I sit now, and our hearts are bleeding because of the fact that Jerusalem is occupied and the Israelis are inside, the Zionists have their own agenda and their own evil plans to do whatever they want to do with it. This was the same situation at the time of the Prophet Muhammad – nothing different. It was occupied at his time. So you need to look back into the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, and see what efforts he did in restoring it and taking out… Basically, conquering it and defeating the Crusaders and the Romans who were there at the time.


"One thing that got my attention when I was reading about the upbringing of Saladin was that his father would read him stories of the past. His father had a habit with him. He used to read to him stories of the past, of the Companions, of the great warriors of Islam, and of those who came after the Companions, and so on. What you learn from this as well, my brothers and sisters in Islam, is that this is the same thing we should be doing with our children, beginning from a very young age. There is nothing too young. We need to instill and drill inside their minds the stories of the great warriors of Islam and of the Companions. Why? Because they need a role model in their life to follow in their footsteps.


"This is unfortunate that our children – their role models are like Superman or Batman. What proves that? I tell you what proves it. It is the fact that every time they see a Batman costume, they want to buy it. They want to jump like him; they want to dance like him. This proves that they have taken these people as role models."


Australian Islamist Scholar Mohamad Doar:"The Muslims of [the Battle of] Hittin – they looked at Al-Aqsa as a matter for Muslims worldwide, whereas today, we look at Al-Aqsa as a Palestinian matter or an Arab matter. This is what they want from us. Don’t they call it the Arab-Israeli conflict? These are titles they have made, so that they can divert our hearts away from Al-Aqsa. They do not want us to remember that it is a matter of religion, and that it is a matter of Islam. The Muslims of [the Battle of] Hittin were victorious because they were united under one banner – the banner of monotheism. But unfortunately today, the Muslims are divided. Because of their division, they are not able to open [i.e. conquer] the lands the way Saladin and his army opened [i.e. conquered] them."



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