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Aug 30, 2022
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Australian Islamist Abu Bakr Zoud: Homosexuality Leads To Anal Cancer, Monkeypox; Every Rainbow Flag Should Have A Picture Of A Person With STDs

#9811 | 02:31

On August 30, 2022, Australian Islamist Abu Bakr Zoud posted to his YouTube channel a lecture titled "Amazing Historical Analysis of #LGBTQ & Its Untold Dangers". In the lecture, Zoud said that anal penetration is the most dangerous sexual practice and that it can cause many diseases and health problems, including viral hepatitis, HIV, HPV, monkeypox, anal cancers, genital warts, and more. He also said that every rainbow Pride flag should have a picture of a person with anal cancer or genital warts on its in order to warn people that homosexuality is a "path of no return". Zoud also warned that Allah punishes and curses homosexuals. For more about Abu Bakr Zoud, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6403.

Abu Bakr Zoud: "There is reference in the Quran to suggest a link between this thing and the intellect of a person.


"These organs are called the human reproductive system. This is what they taught us. So the purpose of this organ and this organ is to reproduce. That's the purpose. So anyone who uses his organ for other than the purpose it was created — you're not using your intellect.


"Did you know that anal penetration is the most risky form of sexual behavior that a person can conduct? It is the riskiest form of sexual practice. There is high risk of developing viral hepatitis, including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C — and there is no cure for hepatitis A and B. That means a person will go on treatment for life.

"A person is at high risk of contracting HIV, and STDs. And it is the cause of the spread of HIV and STDs. And anal cancer is developed in such acts which they engage with, and the loosening of the anus, that results in a person becoming more prone to infections and diseases. And the risk of HPV, the human papilloma virus.


"Why isn't this common knowledge? Monkeypox, the recent monkeypox, it is spreading among this community.


"I believe that on every rainbow flag there should be a picture at the top of a person with anal cancer. This is serious. It is a warning. And the genital warts that can happen. There should be a picture, to warn the people as to what will happen, what you're going down in. This is a path of no return. There is no cure, there is no treatment for these matters. Shouldn't people know? There is danger in this. And in addition to this, the punishment of Allah, the curse of Allah."

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