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Nov 30, 2012
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Australian Islamist Musa Cerantonio: We Must Fight the Infidels by Physical Warfare Until the Caliphate Is Restored

#3664 | 03:31
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a lecture by Australian Islamist Musa Cerantonio, which was posted on the Internet on November 30, 2012:

Musa Cerantonio: Reestablishing the Islamic state is eventually going to be a military matter, and it is a matter that concerns a large part of the Islamic nation. So how do we go about doing this?


Why is it that they are attacking our lands? It is because they want to stop the people from ruling by the Book of Allah. You find that Al-Shabab in Somalia may Allah grant them victory, stood up and said: No more tribalism. No more socialism. We want Islam. So the Americans bombed their lands.

The same thing in Afghanistan. The Taliban, may Allah grant them victory – they are the heroes of the Islamic nation these days… These are men. They are the men of the Islamic nation today – the Taliban, may Allah grant them victory. You don’t find anyone like them on the face of this earth. Why are the Americans so determined to defeat them, when they have nothing? They have nothing. It is to stop them from ruling by the Book of Allah.


The advent of Imam Mahdi and the return of the Caliphate is going to be a time of great warfare and tribulation. Every single prophet, from Adam until Muhammad, warned their nation about this time. The greatest strife is going to be at the time that the Antichrist appears on the earth. This is when Imam Mahdi comes. This is going to be when the Caliphate is going to be established. There are going to be caliphs who are going to exist before him, then he will also rule over the Muslims, and Jesus will come. This strife is going to be massive. These are, no doubt, times that are coming upon us. We have to be prepared for this. We have to see what the reality is – that we are going to be fought.

The answer to Palestine is not by holding hands with the Infidels. It’s not by pleading to the U.N. to accept Palestine as a nation. The answer is, as the Prophet said, to fight the infidels until the religion belongs to Allah. The primary goal or strength that we are going to have is in physical warfare. For me and you today, this is not our utmost concern, being in Australia, but no doubt, as a nation, this is what we have to focus on. This is what we have to focus on.

Now we have to know our religion, be prepared for these times, educate ourselves, and prepare, as Allah says: “Prepare against them all you can from strength.” Every strength – unity is strength, knowledge is strength, and steel is strength. “Prepare what you can against them.” This is what we have to do in this nation.


This isn’t going to come cheap. It’s not going to come easy. It is going to come with our effort, our life, our sweat, and our blood. I ask Allah to grant victory to all of those mujahideen who fight for His cause, to uphold the banner of “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”


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