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Dec 02, 2022
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Australian Hizb Ut-Tahrir Scholar Mohammad Alwahwah: Qatar Is Going To Hell For Spending Muslims' Money On The World Cup Instead Of Financing Islamic Armies, Liberating Palestine

#9977 | 03:26
Source: Online Platforms - "Hizb Media YouTube channel"

Australian Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Islamic scholar Mohammad Alwahwah said in a December 2, 2022 lecture in Sydney, Australia that on Judgement Day, Qatar will go to Hell because it has spent Muslim wealth on the World Cup instead of helping needy Muslims, financing Islamic armies, and liberating Palestine. He said that the da'wa at the World Cup does not justify the forbidden things that it entailed, such as alcohol sponsorships, bribery, and mistreatment of migrant workers. He also said that the Jews and Christians will never be happy with the Muslims until they abandon Islam, and he claimed that the greatest number of people converted to Islam as a result of Islamic "conquests and victories". He explained that by waging these kinds of conquests, Muslims are "implementing the message of Islam" and bringing non-Muslim directly under Islamic rule. In addition, he told his audience to imagine how large the Muslims' celebrations will be when Jerusalem is liberated and the caliphate is established. The video of the lecture was posted to the Hizb Media YouTube channel.

Mohammad Alwahwah: "They're going to fire. They're going to jahannam [hell]. The ones that spend the wealth of the ummah without the right to spend that money. This is the ummah's money, and this is what it's being spent on. And so we need to be aware of this, and when this money is out... this is my money, right? This should be going towards financing our ummah. This should be going towards feeding those who are poor and needy our of our ummah. Housing those who are homeless. Supporting those who are in need. They should be financing our armies. They should be liberating Palestine. This money is useful.


"It's not because they care about human rights. They don't care, right? At all. Because if they did, then they would have sacrificed [unintelligible], right? You can sacrifice one to send for human rights, if that's really what you believe. But the reality is that their issue is with Islam. It's not because they are so strong in defending these topics.


"The Jews and the Christians will not be happy with you until you follow their religion. And this extends to kufr [infidels] in general. The Jews and the Christians are what was referred to, to the Prophet. But the kuffar in general will not be happy with us until we follow their religion, until we completely abandon Islam and follow their way of life.


"Even when it comes to all this criticism against Qatar, who are the ones who have been presenting it. It has all been the Western nations, the European nations, Australia a tiny bit, the U.S.A. a tiny bit, but mainly the Europeans.

"The rest of the countries, the Asian countries, the African countries, the South American countries, they don't care. They are there to play football. But these are the people who have also been oppressed by the West and their stances for the past centuries. And they are the people that especially, when they are presented this alternative way of life to them, it will be attractive to them.

"And what have we seen in Qatar over the past few weeks? Reportedly, hundreds of people have accepted Islam. They have been given da'wa, they have been shown the path of Islam, and it is beautiful. When you're coming from a society that has none of the blessings of Islam, even a taste of Islam is enough to make you go 'wow!'


"When Allah gives you the victories, he gives you the conquests... you will see the people enter into Islam in droves and in abundance. And that has been the greatest source of converts in the past.


"It is incomparable. Because what is the difference? We are not just giving da'wa by speaking to people and presenting the message of Islam. We are now carrying the message of Islam. We are now implementing the message of Islam. We are going to their lands and presenting to them. The futuhat, the conquests, where they were brought to live under Islamic rule, and then they see the blessings of Islam.


"Yes, it is beautiful when you give da'wa in an event like this, and we have people that come to Islam. But is it acceptable that we build an entire even on what is essentially haram, right? When you talk about the alcohol sponsorships, when you talk about the people who, like we said, unjustly treated, the migrant workers and so on, when we talk about the bribery as well — and then we sprinkle a bit of da'wa on top of it. Is that what we seek as an ummah? Do we take that as a form of glory?


"These different flags, different countries, different borders between the Muslim nations — has that stopped us? When you see every single Muslim from all these different nations celebrating with each other, as if it is their own country... How many of us are Moroccan? But then how many of us were happy that Morocco won their game?


"When a team wins a game of soccer, before getting [unintelligible], imagine the celebrations when the ummah is actually victorious. When Al-Quds is liberated. When our lands are freed. When the khilafa is established."

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