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Mar 30, 2019
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Australian Sheikh Jamil El Biza against Backdrop of NZ Mosque Massacre: Everyone Would Be Safe Under Shari'a Law Because People Would Fear Allah's Punishment

#7133 | 02:07
Source: Online Platforms - "Albayan Radio YouTube channel"

Australian cleric Sheikh Jamil El Biza said in a video that was uploaded to the Internet on March 30, 2019 that everybody would be safe and secure if they followed shari'a law because those who kill would be killed and thieves and fornicators would be punished accordingly. He said that nobody would dare hurt one another because people would fear the punishment. El Biza gave the example of the terrorist who perpetrated the Christchurch, NZ mosque massacre, who El Biza said did not fear death because he knew that imprisonment is the worst punishment he would face. El Biza added: "With shari'a, you would fear. If you don't fear Allah, then fear [His] punishment." The address was delivered at the Al-Azhar Mosque in Belmore, a suburb of Sydney. The video was uploaded to the Albayan Radio YouTube channel. Albayan Radio is a Sydney-based radio station and is an ASWJ (Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah) Australia initiative. For more from Sheikh El Biza, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7088, in which he suggests that the NZ massacre was a result of governments' and politicians' defense of freedom of speech.


Sheikh Jamil El Biza: The shari'a of Allah is the essence of security in this world. If we were to follow the shari'a of Allah, then we would be all safe and secure, because those who kill will be killed, and those who steal we will put where they should [be], and those who commit fornication will be punished accordingly. See, in shari'a, no one dares to hurt one another, not only because it's forbidden – not only because Allah forbade it – but because they fear the punishment. The man killed 50 [people] in New Zealand, [yet] he will still be fed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He will still be sent to the hospital if he is sick, and given medicine when he is ill. He will sit with a psychologist if he has problems, and he will speak to a priest if he needs some guidance. He killed 50 [people] in cold blood – men, women, and children – and he did not fear death. Rather, he knew that the worst thing that could happen in New Zealand is that he would be sent to prison for a long time. With shari'a, you would fear. If you don't fear Allah, then you will fear the punishment of Allah in the boundaries that placed on this Earth.

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