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Mar 11, 2021
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Argentinian Shi'ite Scholar Abdul Karim Paz: Iran Is A Miracle, Saving Millions Of People Around The World, In Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Despite The Sanctions

#8751 | 01:28
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Argentinian Shi'ite scholar Abdul Karim Paz, a preacher at a Buenos Aires Mosque, said that "Iran is a miracle," and it has helped Yemen, Syria, and Venezuela despite the sanctions. He made these remarks in an interview with Ofogh TV (Iran) that aired on March 11, 2021. Paz said that Iran provided shipments of oil to Venezuela when it was "facing annihilation." He shared that he wishes that Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei could visit Argentina safely. He addressed the Iranian people, saying that he knows they are "under pressure" but they should know that they have "saved and are still saving millions of people."

Abdul Karim Paz: "The Islamic Republic is a miracle. The Americans themselves say that it is impossible with all the sanctions that are imposed on (Iran), that this country is not only alive but also moving and conquering. See what is happening in Yemen. Syria has been conquered despite all the difficulties and sanctions. But when you visit here... We can see this also in Latin America, Venezuala was about to be suffocated. It was facing annihilation, when the Islamic Republic showed up with ships (loaded with oil) and saved it.


"I say as [a member of] the Muslim minority in Argentina: I wish that our leader, Mr. Khamenei, could come to Argentina, and that Argentina could guarantee his safety.


"The Pope wanted to go to Iraq for a long time, but it was impossible. Thank God, Iraq proved that it can guarantee his safety. If not for the blood of Soleimani this would have been impossible. I don't think they could have done this before the martyrdom of Mr. Soleimani.


"Dear Iranians, I know that you are under pressure. I know that there are more than a few problems. However you should know that you have saved, and are still saving, millions of people."

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