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Feb 02, 2020
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Former Arafat Advisor Bassam Abu Sharif: Palestinians Should Carry Out “Defensive Attacks” in Tel Aviv and Sderot, Bring A Million Pakistanis to Liberate Jerusalem

#7781 | 01:10
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Bassam Abu Sharif, who served as an advisor to Yasser Arafat when he had been the President of the PA, said in a February 2, 2020 interview on the Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) that the Palestinians should "offensively defend" themselves and carry out "defensive attacks" in Tel Aviv and Sderot as retaliation for Israeli bombings in Gaza. He added that Palestinians should "lay siege" to Israel and that a million Pakistani volunteers can be recruited to defend Jerusalem.

Bassam Abu Sharif: "We should use the method of defensive attacks. If they drop bombs in the middle of Gaza, we should carry out attacks in the middle of Sderot and Tel Aviv. How come they kill our people in Gaza and we do not retaliate in Tel Aviv? Our people are facing deportation and we must lay siege [to them]. We should lay siege to the Israelis. This way we can defend ourselves with our bodies – with our bodies, not with weapons. Our obligation is to offensively defend ourselves against anyone who tries to attack us.


"We can bring a million volunteers from Pakistan to defend Jerusalem. I saw with my own eyes how the Pakistanis surrounded Arafat's car, shouting: 'Jerusalem! Jerusalem!'"

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