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Sep 03, 2020
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Arabic-Language Chinese TV Report Showcases Anti-Ship Missiles: We Have The Ability To Detect And Destroy Enemy Vessels In The South China Sea, Including American Warships

#8273 | 01:53
Source: CGTN Network (China)

On September 3, 2020, the Arabic-language CGTN Network (China) aired a report about two anti-ship missiles, the DF-26B and the DF-21D, that China recently used to destroy a ship in the South China Sea in an exercise. An Arabic-speaking Chinese reporter named 'Mansour' said that this exercise was a warning message to China's enemies that have a presence in the South China Sea. He elaborated that China has the ability to accurately detect and quickly destroy enemy warships in the South China Sea, including American vessels, and he added that China's weapons are no longer less advanced than its enemies' weapons. He also said that China is monitoring the movements of American vessels in the South China Sea.

Chinese Commentator 'Mansour': "The DF-26B missile was launched from the northwestern province of Qinghai, which is about 3,000 km from the South China Sea. The DF-21D missile was launched from the Zhejiang province in eastern China, which is about 1,600 km from the South China Sea. The two missiles were launched in succession, but they hit the target accurately at the same time. The targeted ship was sailing fast and in a twisting course. This [launch] was the best tactical measure to deter the rival. This sends a clear warning message to certain forces not to play with fire in the South China Sea, because the Chinese military is capable of sinking their warships.

"In modern warfare doctrines, there are two pivotal elements for the destruction of targets: Reconnaissance and detection, and the deployment of firepower. China used to lag significantly behind the West in these two matters, but it has caught up to the most advanced international levels, and it has the capability to destroy targets. The American warships that have entered the South China Sea are being monitored throughout their course. China can detect the enemy targets and pinpoint their locations, and it also has the capabilities to deliver its firepower and destroy them. This is the strategic message sent by the launching of the two missiles into the South China Sea. It is a declaration: The Age in which China's weapons lagged behind those of the enemy is gone and will not return."

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